Coming to 14th and W St, NW – Fast Gourmet

“Dear PoP,

it looks like the gas station at 14 and w got a makeover! I don’t remember it having all those windows before. and it looks like it says gourmet on the side, too. could be a serious upgrade!”

I just stopped by earlier in the week and it does indeed appear to be a serious upgrade. They are currently working on the menu and Web site for Fast Gourmet but I’ll post when it goes live. Additionally, there are still waiting on some permits before the space itself is actually up and running. The actually gas station will remain and is still working.

This is the gas station where I once questioned their food options. I may soon have to eat those words. Literally.

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  • Literally eat words? I’d like to see that. 🙂

  • It’s been that way for at least 3 months though..

  • And it looks like they really love Jim G too. Must be all those gas fumes.

  • This is NOT good news. I live in the building next door (the one you can see in the photo). We’ve worked hard over the last several years to clean up our street and that gas station has always been a problem…people hanging our at all hours of the night, drinking in public and selling drugs. Things have finally gotten a little bit better and now the new gas station owner is opening this “cafe” and will stay open until 4am! He asked to meet with the neighbors to get feedback, but clearly didn’t care what we thought because he is still pressing on with his plans. Living in the U Street area, you certainly sign yourself up for a certain amount of noise and other stuff. But this is really going to set us back from the progress we’ve made to clean up our corner.

    • One option is to contact the ANC to try and work out a “Voluntary Agreement” with the business and they can affect liqour licenses etc. That area falls under ANC1B04 which is Ms. Deborah Thomas area ([email protected] ) Also make sure to CC Ms. Holness ([email protected]) the ANC Commissioner as she is very proactive.

  • You think that gas station is bad? Come check out the Exxon at 14th and Parkwood. It is a cross of Tuijuana and Iraq.

    Loitering crew and drug dealers? Just Jim Grahams cup of tea.

    • The Exxon at 14th and Parkwood isn’t nearly as bad as the gas station on 14th and W. The presence of Hispanics doesn’t equal crime.

      I’d encourage you to look at crime statistics in both areas. I have a hunch you don’t leave near that Exxon.

  • THey had the weirdest ATM. The increments were like
    $15.65, $23.25 $54.10 ??? Is that for cop fee?

  • We’ve done that for years. No such luck on this issue.

  • I heard that the guys opening this place are taking it pretty serious. They really want to sell quality food. It will be a a matter of trying it.

  • They opened Yesterday. I had sandwich called “The Chivito”, similar to a Cuban Torta but much much yummier, huge portions too.

  • Vamos los DALTON!!! veo el Ferrari ahi parado, quedo de muestra o viene de regalo con el Combo 2 plus fries?

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