Chinatown’s New Rita’s Offers Free Italian Ices Through Friday!

I stopped by the new Rita’s located at 608 H St, NW this weekend and they’re giving out free small Italian Ices. You’ve got till Friday to pick one up. I had the raspberry:

While I’m used to blue raspberry slushies the red raspberry ice also hit the spot.

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  • This is just arguing semantics, but at Rita’s they are called water ice’s, not Italian ice’s.

    • saf

      Actually, they are called “water ice,” plural would be “water ices.” No extraneous apostrophe.

      And if you feel like writing it phonetically, “wooder ice.” (yes, I live with someone from Philly.)

    • A colleague of mine just said the peach is delicious!! They’re right next door to me … a nice distraction for sure!

    • Actually, on their website they are Italian ices. And also the franchises in MD have gone by “Rita’s Italian Ice” for years. Must be a regional thing.

      I see that Rita’s in Chinatown will be open year-round for those craving Italian ice midwinter. Do they have indoor seating?

  • Glad to see Rita’s on top of the new big wong.

  • Thanks for the heads up! I feel a mid-afternoon snack is in order.

  • I’ll stick w/ Pitango thanks.

  • Wonder what’s gonna happen to all these water ice and gheylato places when old man winter comes around.

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