Chaos Thurs. Continues – Electrical Fire at 1875 Connecticut Ave, NW

Woah, the crazy day continues. A reader sends in the photo above and writes:

“Dramatic explosions. Fire fighters staying back for now. No one hurt I think. I heard loud bangs out my window, thought it was a construction vehicle. Turned out to be explosions!”

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  • I just heard that power is out all over Adams Morgan. I’m guessing it’s related to this. Does anyone have any information?

  • Brown outs all through Kalorama too

  • Saw billowing smoke as turning off Georgia to go to Wheaton Metro, figured lightening had set something on fire. Did this happen from lightening? Explosions could be glass popping out from windows.

  • I left the scene (my office bld) about 45 min ago. Fire trucks from all across the city were streaming in that direction. Other fire trucks are stationed blocks away I guess as backup? I didn’t want to see what happened next. It just seemed to be getting worse. I can’t say that I love my office building but I guess I am somewhat emotionally attached to it. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of us spend our days in there. It sucks to see it like this. Not to mention all my stuff is in there. Thankfully I live close enough to walk home in CH, safe until the storms arrive.

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