Burned out Cars and Scooters on 16th St, NW Wed. Morning

“Dear PoP,

I live off 16th and Spring NW, and this morning there were two cars (at least that I saw) on the east side of 16th between Oak and Spring that looked like their engines had been set on fire, then almost directly across the street on the west side of 16th, there were two scooters that were burned down completely to the frame. Needless to say, it slowed the commute down 16th Street significantly.

Any word on what might have happened?”

Another reader snapped a couple of photos and writes:

“I came across this scene this morning while running on 16th St just south of the Piney Branch Bridge (~6:30am).
Total destruction = 2 cars and 2 mopeds.”

According to DCAlerts, this section of 16th St between Arkansas Ave and Oak street NW were shut to traffic for a few hours but has reopened.”

What do you guys think – random arson? Insurance fraud? Targeted vandalism?

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  • Looked like three burned-out mopeds when I biked by this morning…and several bummed-out looking dudes staring forlornly at the wreckage.

  • Also a car fire on North Cap and Rhode Island Ave yesterday around 5:30. Wonder if it was related.

  • I live right by that intersection. If I remember correctly, one of those mopeds has been chained up there for months with its front tire hanging by a cord.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    My guess is insurance fraud for a moped that won’t go. They are too easy to steal if they’re in working order.

  • From the Washington Post website:

    Cars, scooters torched in NW D.C.
    D.C. police and fire investigators are probing an unusual overnight incident in which three motor scooters and two cars were set on fire in a residential Northwest Washington neighborhood.

    The fires, and the resulting investigation, prompted police to close upper 16th Street to traffic during the first part of Wednesday morning’s commute. Officials reopened the street, an important commuter artery, about 8 a.m.

    Firefighters were called to the 3500 block of 16th Street shortly before 4 a.m. for a report of a vehicle fire, D.C. Fire Department spokesman Pete Piringer said.

    Crews found three scooters chained to a tree in front of a house. All three scooters were burning. Firefighters extinguished the blaze within 20 minutes, alerted investigators and left the scene, Piringer said.

    Then, he added, “just as they were backing into the fire station, they received another call for a car on fire” on the same block of 16th Street. This time, firefighters found two parked cars “fully engulfed” in flames, Piringer said.

    The fires also caused significant damage to two other cars parked nearby. Crews again extinguished the blazes without incident, and no one was injured, Piringer said.

    The fire department’s arson squad and D.C. police are investigating.

    — Debbi Wilgoren

  • It’s the anti-SUV guys from a few weeks back. They are now targeting hipster transit.

  • I bet they were stolen by feral teens and then set on fire.

  • It was the same as when they used to burn witches at a stake, except this time it was scooters. Makes sense, they are both the work of the devil.

  • Are the Rockers harassing the Mods again?

  • Right next to the venerable Woodner. Shocking.

  • My guess is random vandalism.

    RIP scooters.

  • If only this city did something for pyromaniac yoofs! Where are the programs to help them? It’s like you people don’t care.

    • Yes! We need a new tax and a new gov’t agency with many well paid workers getting in plenty of overtime to not file any reports and not be subject to any auditing about any of the work they’re not actually doing. Vote for me, I’ll make it happen! It’s the DC way!

  • As usual, an insightful discussion of the issues of the day. To summarize – latino bedbugs; more programs for arsonists. Go FentyGray!

  • The woodner have ghost… im serious about this… maybe ghost set those vehicles on fire… okay that one im not serious about… but thwe woodner does have ghost hehehe

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