Building at 11th and Monroe Streets, NW Still Becoming Condos

“Dear PoP,

The large apartment building at 11th & Monroe seems to have hit a stand still since its insides were removed in May. While walking to the metro this morning, I noticed that the sign advertising the condos that were slated to go there is no longer on the building. Please tell me that the wind blew it away and construction will resume as soon as the parts arrive? It was too close of a real thing to have the run-down place NOT change.”

I’ve been getting lots of emails like the one above. I’m happy to report that the condo project at 11th and Monroe is still moving forward. Previously the owners only had demo permits so they’re waiting on some final permits. The banner was taken down because the language needed to be changed slightly. I’m told that the interior and exterior design of the building will be finalized by Sept. 1. Stay tuned for updates at that point.

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  • I live right there, didn’t even notice the banner had come down. But now that you say it, yeah.

    Anyone know what’s up at the sand-colored house across from Redrocks at the northeast corner of 11th and Park?

  • That house is still for sale for 1.5 million last I checked. It will obviously take a lot more work to finish the conversion into condos once it is sold. A shame as that is a beautiful building in a prime location …. never would have thought the brick building would have been completed before that one! Can’t wait to hear what sort of retail will be going in …

  • There also seems to be work on the apartment building on the north/east corner of 13th St. and Monroe St., NW. Solar panels are up on the roof and lots of construction dumpsters. Anyone know what it up with this building?

  • What a great location! Close to Meridian Pint and CH Coffee, right on the 64 bus line between Petworth and downtown…you can go to work and visit all your hippest friends and never take Metro. Good investment.

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