ADC Mapstore Having a Going Out of Business Sale. Closing for Good Aug. 14

Photo courtesy of ADC

From an email:

“I work at a ADC Mapstore on 17th Street exit of the Farragut West Metro Station on the Orange and Blue line. We have been located in DC for about 40 years . We will be closing our doors next week on the Aug 14 forever. Most of our store is 50- 80 percent off.”

I always liked this store (1636 I Street NW). However, I always thought it must be tough for them to make enough sales to pay rent in a downtown spot like this. Very sad to see them go.

Ed. Note: I was graciously offered an extra discount, which I have declined.

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  • I would think Google maps and smartphones would’ve had a bigger impact than the location.

    • That and cheap GPS/NAV systems. I used to hit this place up for maps before every vacation. Haven’t been in since I found a NAV with the USA/CAN/EU for $150 (probably even cheaper now)…

  • Electronic devices are indeed killing stores like this. But it’s still nice to have a good atlas in the car on long trips, because electronics sometimes fail.

  • dang. sorry to see this place vanish.

  • Not to mention all the big bookstores/online booksellers probably had a negative effect on their travel book sales.

  • I definitely saw this coming. My friend bought a desk map there last year, and it had Zaire on it. Not the most up to date inventory.

  • Sad. I just went there last month for a nice national geographic map.

  • I have always liked that store as well. Before I would go on any international travel I would stop in there to pick up travel books. Not the cheapest place by any means but I liked supporting the place over ordering online.

  • Too bad – I loved this place!!

  • Dang. I used to go to either Candida’s World of Books or ADC for guidebooks. Now they’re both gone.

  • So sad. I used to love this store. In the 90’s I worked on the Foreign Desk of the Washington Post and was sent there more than once to pick up some obscure map.
    Surprised they made it this long though.

  • I know why they’re going out of business– I went over there for a wall map today, and even at 50% off, they were asking the same for an out-of-date map (see above re: Zaire) as Amazon is asking for the same-sized map with current designations.

  • I tried several times to go to the map store to buy something, but was never able to find it.

  • Sign of the times.

    The ADC Maps of District of Columbia are the absolute best ever made with the footprint of buildings on downtown city blocks.

    Get one before they close.

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