A Smile for a Rainy Fri. Morning

“Dear PoP,

My husband and I were at Sala Thai (Petworth) this past Saturday for some tasty sushi. I think they usually have live music on Saturdays, and that night was no exception. The band was great, but when they stopped for a break, a uniformed police officer who was eating dinner asked the keyboardist whether he (the officer) could try out the keyboard for a bit. The band had no objection, and the officer proceeded to entertain the restaurant with a few songs (all of which I recognized, but none for which I know the name unfortunately). The officer was great, and the restaurant loved it. Just wanted to give a shout-out both to the band who let it happen and the officer who entertained us.”

I know I should’ve saved this for a caption contest but I needed a smile after the trauma of yesterday’s weather and fire…

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  • this place is great to take babies/little kids.

  • Bear

    This is pretty fantastic. Sorry I missed it.

  • That’s awesome. Not to sound too cheesy, but that sort of thing builds a great sense of community.

  • Great story!!!

  • That is quickly turning into one of my favorite places in town. Never over-crowded, open, airy, nice food and service (I know there will be nay-sayers but I don’t care) and a wonderful local feel that I don’t get in many other area restaurants. Every time I have been I see familiar faces from the neighborhood and it’s nice to be recognized by the waiters and manager. Word to the wise – happy hour sushi, dumplings etc and a fabulous Mai Tai make for a relaxing weekday stop off after the Metro ride home. My roomie meets me there at the appointed hour. Can’t wait to experience the live music.

  • I’ve been meaning to check this place out. I have some friends who play there every Wednesday night and they’ve invited me to sit in with them.

    • gosh, mister! are you in a band or somethin’? your band leader hired two new guitarists, right? gosh, that’s super cool that you’re in a band! Make sure you drop that into every conversation you can!

  • I keep forgetting good Thai is in my neighborhood now, So many years of traveling far for Pad Thai… 🙂

  • well it is at fusion 4815 georgia av nw,happy hour from wed-sun 4-7pm cocktail$4.00 wine $4.00 beer $2.00 appetizer $5 bucks let’s go;

  • great news will be there

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