Z Burger Champion Crowned

Photo courtesy of Brotman·Winter·Fried Communications

Oops, next year I promise to post before the event takes place!

From a press release:

Tenleytown’s Z-Burger ushered in the 4th of July weekend by celebrating American culture with a hearty dose of competition and burgers. On Thursday, July 1st Z-Burger welcomed 12 contestants to go “burger to burger” in their Second Annual Independence Burger Eating Championship.

Interested eaters completed an application process conducted by Z-Burger to claim a spot in the match. The 12 lucky chosen contestants traveled by foot, car and plane to take on the challenge. In 10 minutes time, each contender had to down as many 2.8 pound Z-Burgers as possible. They were even monitored for two minutes after the race as part of the “regurgitation = disqualification” policy.

The race was neck and neck for many of the hopefuls but in the end it was last year’s first place champion that again came out on top. Swallowing 23 burgers, Pete Czerwinski “Furious Pete” of Ontario was crowned the first place champion taking home $3,000 cash and $1,500 in Z-Burger food vouchers.

The second and third place winners finished close behind Pete. Dale Boone “The Mouth of the South,” of Atlanta reclaimed the second place seat finishing with 21 burgers and took home $1,500 cash and $750 in Z-Burger food vouchers. Making his contest debut, Brian Dudzinski “Dud Light” of Phoenixville, PA consumed 20 burgers to finish in third place taking home $750 cash and $500 in Z-Burger food vouchers.

All top three contestants received custom-made Z-Burger trophies. They will also have the option and be encouraged to donate food prizes to local charities of their choice.

Z-Burger completed the celebration with free burgers for all customers following the event.

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  • Disgusting.

  • Am I reading this right? Someone ate over SIXTY POUNDS of food in ten minutes? And we’re celebrating this?

    Now when I think Z Burger, I’m going to think “nauseating gluttony”.

    • ah

      There’s no way the burgers are 2.8 lbs each, unless there’s some kind of special triple-Z-Burger special they turned out. The regular burgers are more like 1/3 pound, plus the bun and whatever toppings.

      • ah is right. But if someone could actually eat sixty pounds in 24 HOURS, let alone 10 minutes, I would celebrate it. That would be an amazing amount of food. The guy on man vs. food is usually trying to eat 4-7 pounds in an hour.

  • the burgers there are nasty.

  • That’s gross.

  • what inspires someone to do this?

  • Ok, but the press release says the burgers are 2.8 pounds each, and that someone ate 23 of them. Even if they misplaced the decimal and those burgers are just .28 pounds each, that’s still pretty nauseating. Without going into the social/political implications of glorifying wasteful overconsumption and causes of obesity.

    And no, I’m about the furthest thing from a vegan imaginable. Five guys cheeseburger with bacon… Mmmmm…

  • I’m so so confused by this kind of contest. So confused. I like burgers, but there is no way eating 23 burgers in 10 minutes will do you any good unless Adam Richman of MVF program on travel channel is apart of the contest.

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