Yoga House Moving from Georgia Ave (above Looking Glass Lounge)

Thanks to a reader for sending in the news. In a newsletter Elizabeth from Yoga House writes:

“Our 5 year lease is ending at our current space [3634B Georgia Ave., NW] at the end of August, and we have decided to vacate these premises. We love our beautiful Yoga House – but we know that it is not the building we love, it is the sweetness of all the amrit velas, all the yoga and meditation that we have done there that have created the beauty of this space – and we are not attached to this one building no matter how much we have enjoyed it.

Yes we are planning to re-locate and re-open, but it won’t happen before 2011.”

I emailed Elizabeth to confirm and she says:

“If you do write about this will you tell everyone how teaching at Yoga House has been the best time of my life, that I have loved getting to know the Petworth and Columbia Heights community and I will be back soon!

If folks want to keep up with me they can sign up on the front page of my newsletter ( or follow YogiElizabeth on Twitter or find Yoga House Washington on Facebook.”

I interviewed Yoga House’s owner, Elizabeth Greathouse, back in July 2007. I wish her and her team the best of luck and I’ll be sure to post their new location in 2011. In the meantime their current location will be open through August.

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  • I wonder if the steady stream of drunken hooligans, pimps and strippers that mill outside of the “House” exotic dance club played a factor?

    • more like the ones from LGL below…
      speaking of, i heard a rumor that if yoga house goes (which is not official) that LGL may try to expand. pop, whats the word?

  • No.

  • Thank you POP and everybody!

    I don’t know any details on whether LGL plans to expand upward or not… but if I find out any information I will pass it along to Dan.

    Thanks to all of you that participated at Yoga House – and there is still time to check out a class, or to say hello. You can find us there doing yoga and meditation and chanting – Kundalni or Vinyasa from now through the end of August.

    Many thanks to all our teachers and students over these past 5 years.

    • Dang it–we just bought 2 blocks away and were really looking forward to checking out Yoga House. Hope you can stay in the ‘hood.

  • Yoga House has been a fun and useful experience for me. I intend to go to classes right up until it closes and wait for word of it’s reopening. (And, on a personal level, it’s resulted in significant changes in lifestyle, too, resulting in positive health changes.)

    So…after August, I’ll be watching for when Yoga House opens in 2011!

  • No childcare or toddler/family yoga classes so Yoga Chai and Lil Omm have been getting my business.

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