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  • I like DURKL and they’re clothing. It’s not really the store that tags city signs. It’s usually the kids that can get a hold of the sticker. Sometime the stickers don’t even come from the DURKL store. You can get them through a friend who got them at another shop.

    I dont think the fellas from DURKL would mind their store being plastered with stop signs and one way signs.

  • PoP, you crack me up 🙂

  • So that’s what Durkl is. I looked at their website and their clothes look really lame. I guess that figures considering how annoying those stickers are – regardless of whether the stickers are being put up by affiliates of the store or just douchebags who think Durkl is cool.

  • I saw the stickers & posters for a long time and had no idea what the hell it was… And I’m far too proud to look it up because clearly that’s what THEY WANT me to do. Screw ’em. I’m too old to be hip and too goddamned tired to care.

    So in a few months we’ll langish under a blood-red sky, picking our teeth with the shattered bones of Durkl after the apocalypse rips their dreams away and leaves them sobbing on a pile of ashes, sobbing helplessly against the heavy nightmares that refuse to fade…snif… why me? but i was durkl… i was durkl….

  • i so agree.. plaster them up with big dead end signs

  • Hey, somebody’s gotta produce clothes for the whole tardcore scene.

  • There’s no such thing as bad publicity…..

  • woah woah woah… is this the same pop that defends ‘street art’ in every shape and form? what gives…wake up on the cranky side of the bed this morning?

    i agree though. i think anyone that litters the city with their own propaganda (politicians, take out restaurants, gang tags, etc) should have their privately owned shops/dwellings plastered with shit of the publics choosing.

  • wow, you guys are critical. Durkl is a brand run by hard working young people who have chosen to make their own way rather than suck on the federal teet all day.

    if anything, dc needs more of this.

    whoever said they are expensive, is that a joke? have you seen their catalog? you can spend 3x as much for a polo shirt(of half the quality)with a whale on it that half of georgetown owns .

    instead of discouraging, why don’t we support local/independent businesses.

    its funny how everyone considers themselves progressives in this town, but when push comes to shove we are quick to throw one another under the bus.

    • we do need more local businesspeople doing their own thing. good for them.

      i’m not sure why you would call that being progressive however. i looked at their site and except for having skateboards and fireworks, the clothes look like crap you find in any mall in the usa. even your price comaprrison is to Polo. lame. theres nothing original in the designs whatsoever. but at least the clothes are made locally in the usa, right? oh, i see nothin about that on the site.

      when something is all about image, its not progressive. its just glamour.
      (not that theers anything wrong with that)

    • $68 for a casual button up is expensive. I don’t know where you shop, but for me, that is waaaaay to much.

    • And I never considered my self “progressive”

    • You can get the same crap at a thrift store and its actually sustainable and different (true to the intent of the original hipsters).

      However, i don’t think there is anything inherently wrong w/ the store or running such a business. I just think you’d have to be a pretty unprincipled hipster to shop there.

    • Please don’t throw anybody under the bus! It’ll just lengthen my commute! 🙂

  • Remember when the term “hipster” actually implied being relatively hip? Durkl is for kids who shop at Urban Outfitters and attend dance parties every other night – just a general annoyance.

  • Now in our 6th year, DURKL is an independent clothing brand based in Washington, DC.

    Our main goal day in and day out is to provide Washington with new and different clothing as an alternative to mass marketed retailers and impersonal out-of-town brands. Our clothes are meant for the people who live and love this town, not only “for kids who shop at Urban Outfitters and attend dance parties every other night”.

    Our secondary goal is to help promote Washington DC and what it has to offer locally, domestically, and internationally. We hire local people, we collaborate with other local small businesses, we work with local freelance artists and photographers on special projects, and we have done this since day 1. These people and the projects they are a part of are all collectively working to give this great city the exposure it deserves.

    • “Our main goal day in and day out is to provide Washington with new and different clothing as an alternative to mass marketed retailers and impersonal out-of-town brands”

      Well thank god we have a local clothing manufacturer who is able to counter those mass-marketed, out of town brands’ $70 plaid shirts with their own, locally made $70 plaid shirts. I will sleep easier at night knowing this.

    • Fixed it for you:

      “these people and the projects they are a part of are all collectively working to give DURKL the exposure it deserves…by plastering annoying and probably illegal stickers all over the city.”

  • ^^ Real Talk!

  • I’m glad to see local shops and such (although the stupid stickers all over town are a HUGE irritant! Maybe consider not distributing em? Whatever), but I gotta say, it looks like the same stuff everyone of a certain (young) age seems to be wearing. Nothing you’d find in JCPenny, but not terribly unique otherwise.

    But hey, if you’re selling and they’re buying, and you’re supporting the local economy by hiring “local people” (as opposed to flying them in daily from El Salvador or France, I assume), then more power to ya!

    • “I’m glad to see local shops and such (although the stupid stickers all over town are a HUGE irritant! ”
      This is a city, it comes with noise, crime, and mass street marketing, all things that are characteristics of a city. I see stupid signage everyday put up by corporations who do absolutely nothing for DC. Now that is a HUGE irritant……….

      • I agree. Just because you point out ANOTHER huge irritant doesn’t mine is irrelevant or wrong.

        Besides all that, isn’t it nice to maybe imagine that we shouldn’t have to accept ugly vandalism and stupid stickers all over the place just because we live in a city?

        I’d ask: why are you so willing to just shrug and say, “oh well”?

        • Because I come from the city. I grew up in major cities on the east coast, and you always accept the good with the bad. It is a way of life when living in a city, period. If you want the idyllic “Stepford Wives” neighborhood, then by all means move to Montogomery or Fairfax counties. You probably won’t see DURKL stickers there, better yet, you probably won’t see many one way signs either.

          I just can’t understand people who have moved to DC in the past ten years, and who have this new found perception on how DC should present itself.

          BTW, Irritants are based off of perception, there is no right or wrong.

  • DURKL is a small independent clothing brand. Every season we put in a lot of work to try to create really good, relevant products for fair prices. We are not trying to reinvent mens fashion, nor are we trying to rip off our customers.

    We would love anyone and everyone interested to come down to our offices to check out what we do first hand and learn more about the company.

  • If you want to live in truly sterile city consider West Palm Beach, you’ll love it! Otherwise stop sniveling, it’s pathetic.

  • DURKL does a great job of supporting independent artists and musicians in DC. Big ups to them. Complaining about hipsters and $60 shirts is kinda petty and irrelevant. This blog post was pretty funny though, and I don’t give two shits about seeing stickers posted around.

  • deep sang nailed it.

  • If the DURKL crew is not living the dream and making sure everyone else does the same, bringing up the entire District with them, allowing Washingtonians to forget about how shitty the city can be at times, bringing publicity to folks who could deserve respect, and truly, truly bringing some joy to this world, then no one is.

  • Nothing like a couple St Albans kids [$32k plus/year preps school in upper NW] playing ‘street’ with their trust funds.


    Just remember folks, “Lacrosse players are cool kids”.

  • Oh yea, cause I’d rather there be more room for vincent orange or jeff smith or adrian fenty signs. SMH.

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