Working on New Hampshire Ave medians at Georgia Ave, NW

Yesterday I asked, what about the grass? in the medians. Today Wayan took the photo above and writes:

“This morning landscapers are out fixing up the very abused medians at the Georgia Ave and NH Ave. It looks like they’re going to re-sod them or just mulch them. Maybe they could put down the spongy sidewalk covers instead to protect the baby tree roots from the heavy foot traffic this median gets as people leave Petworth metro station.”

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  • What will resodding do? This is a waste of time and resources, as people will still continue to cross the street via this median and it will look like crap again within a week. What they need to do is put up a fence or build the median higher to force people to use the crosswalks.

  • Agree about resodding. Even without foot traffic, all grass will soon be dead if you look at the 10 day forecast – upper 90s starting Sunday and no rain. This last heat spell will seem mild.
    How are these silly captchas generated? “continued pekinese”

  • Yeah. DC shouldnt be installing grass period. It requires water and mowing. Put in low-lying, native, drought tolernt, plants if anything. And add bricks every 10 feet for people crossing the median.

  • I hope this posting helps to clarify what is actually happening with the New Hampshire Medians.

    DDOT/UFA is tilling the 3700 – 3900 blocks. This is being done for a couple of reason….

    In the 3700 block, the median will be tilled and mulched. This is due to the foot traffic caused by people not crossing at the cross walks (aka jaywalking). Which resulted in the sod being killed. Also, DDOT/UFA is looking into options to reduce jaywalking in the 3700 block but as of right now a solution hasn’t be selected.

    In the 3800 block, the median will be tilled by DDOT/UFA, and will be mulched on July 10 with mulch donated by Tom Carter from Terra, Inc ( which is based in Petworth). If and when we are able identify additional funding and community support, we will also plant this median and any other median from Georgia Ave to Grant Circle.

    In the 3900 block, the median will be mulched (again with mulch donated by Tom Carter from Terra, Inc) and planted with flowers via a grant from ANC 4C on July 10. Volunteers are still needed for the planting.

    If anyone wishes to volunteer please email us at [email protected].

    This is an opportunity to make a difference instead of just talking about what should be done.


    • Thanks for the info, Jeff!

      I just sent an email to sign up to volunteer with the planting. And potentially fundraising, too, if needed!

    • Jeff: Thanks very much for the update and info. I must say I would have signed up to help if you had not inserted that last sentence, which greatly turned me off.

      • You’re either taking that the wrong way or being too sensitive. He’s absolutely right: a lot of people on this blog (me included) immediately jump to the reasons why something sucks, or is stupid, or won’t work, or is a waste taxpayers’ money.

        Well, here’s a great improvement to our community that is mostly donated material and is calling for volunteers. Let’s get behind it instead of bitching all the time! (again, me included).

      • @ thanks

        This is a place to express personal feeling, thoughts and information on varying topics. And both of our posting contain one or more of the three.

        So if your greatly turned off by me challenging the community that reads this blog via a call to action for a beautification project within the community. I am truly sorry that you feel that way. Hopefully you will reconsider, based on the greater impact that this project will have on the look and feel of the community.


      • Wow – touchy! There was absolutely nothing insulting, scolding or dismissive about that sentiment.

  • This all sort of reminds me of when I worked on a college campus– the students would cut across the lawns from building to building. The grass was worn away, leaving dirt paths. The groundskeepers would come along, about once every 2 weeks, and scatter seed along the paths. The birds would hop along behind them eating the fresh seed. Then the students would walk over whatever new grass managed to sprout, killing it before it could get established. Lather, rinse, repeat, 9 months out of the year. I can’t begin to imagine why they didn’t just put brick paths where they were clearly warranted.
    I guess I’m glad that DC isn’t just putting down more sod (which is expensive, and terrible for the environment), but mulch isn’t much better. They really should be watching behavior patterns and devising a solution based on what people are going to do anyway.

  • Someone screwed up and littered NH Ave with tons of pebbles during the median work. I wonder how many windows will get cracked during this evening’s rush hour…

  • I agree that more drought-resistant, low maintenance, native plants are the best solution. Keep them green but in a more sustainable, realistic way.

  • I’ll happily be volunteering to help plant the medians on the 10th. This project is a great idea and I’m happy to see it moving forward.

  • I’m partial to BRICK medians myself. No way you get people to actually care about aesthetic and grass(the kind you don’t smoke anyway)

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