What the Helen of Troy is This?

Any guesses on why this photo would be on a tree stump? In gratitute for the tree when it was in full glory? A memorial to Granny D? If the latter, that seems like a bizarre tribute, right? It’s located off 15th St, NW by Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park.

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  • I’m stumped.

  • Granny D’s Christmas Trees, Girard Crew Style?

  • ah

    The owner of Haydee’s recently came by, and Granny D appreciates the tree work she did here. Suck it all you Haydee’s haters!

  • jburka

    Heh. I was working in the Bond building at 14th and New York, with a window overlooking the street when Granny D made her triumphant walk into DC. I remember being confused by all of the commotion coming from the street and looking down to see her walking with a horde of others.

    (sadly, it’s been a decade since I’ve had an office with a window, let alone one that would allow me to watch such a grand entrance!)

    Of course, none of this gives any clue as to why the photo’s been tacked onto a tree stump by Meridian Hill Park!

  • The tree fell on her.

  • In 2004, Granny D ran for the United States Senate seat in New Hampshire. In March of 2010, Granny D passed away at the age of 100.

  • I used to work in the JBPC Building. The tree that was there was the Granny D tree. Dedicated to Doris Haddock or Granny D. See this Wikipedia entry for more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doris_Haddock

    The tree had some kind of blight and they tried for years to save it. They had to cut it down this spring. They left the photo on the stump as a reminder of who the tree had stood for.

    Granny D was apparently friends with Josephine Butler for whom the Parks Center is named.

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