Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Petworth/Park View

This rental is located at 5th and Quincy Streets, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“To acquire this apartment, complete an application, $25 credit check/reference check, $1000 security deposit. 12 month lease preferable. Please email with your availability for seeing the apartment. We are showing the apartment on an individual basis by appointment — so please email to set up a meeting. Thanks!

The apartment was recently renovated (you will be the third tenant) and comes with a beautiful floor plan, new brand name appliances, and a new bathroom. Kitchen features a stylish breakfast bar, refrigerator/freezer, gas stove, microwave oven, dishwasher, disposal and exhaust fan. The apartment also features a private rear entrance that will take you directly to your private parking space in the rear. Apartment features recessed lighting, beautiful ceramic tile flooring and an open floor plan. Light is plentiful from the three north-facing windows. Also gracing this great space is a great walk-in-closet and spacious pantry. Apartment has direct access to clothes washer and dryer.

No Smoking and no Pets Please.

You pay 1/4 of House Utilities (A/C, heat, water, electric) – generally $60 a month. High Speed Internet and Comcast Cable offered FREE. Washer and Dryer in the apartment. Located in a completely renovated, gorgeous townhouse. Private parking is available and street parking is plentiful. You will be the third tenant to ever live in this unit — the other two have loved it and will gladly provide references.”

Does $1100 sound reasonable for this basement studio?

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  • Thats a really good deal, especially considering the parking space.

  • It looks like a place Lindsey Lohan would spend 60 days (or a rduced amount) aka women’s correctional facility.

  • That’s an intriguing definition of “light is plentiful.”

  • Seems like a pretty good deal — I like that particular area a lot.

  • Where is the operating table? Well atleast it looks like you can clean the place with a hose.

  • Too much. You can have an above ground studio that’s not so… clinical? for less in Mt.P/CH.

    • I’m actually curious about this point — people always point to this but are there really studios in Mt.P/CH (and areas that are as metro-accessible) that are less than $1,100 with parking? And replacing bed bugs or roaches for “clinical” doesn’t count as an improvement.

      • I’m curious about this point too, as I’m considering a move. A lot of the places I think are a good deal are criticized as being too expensive by commenters here. Everyone seems to think a studio is overpriced if it’s over $950, so where are all these studios that are below that price and in equivalent locations? In my case I’m looking for a 2-bedroom, which everyone seems to think should be under $1500, so where can I get one of those?

        I will agree that the decorating choices here are unfortunate– the place looks very cold and uninviting unfurnished. But it’s nothing that a few throw rugs and colorful wall hangings can’t fix.

        • Owner of the unit here — thanks for featuring Pop. I apologize for the “sterile” photos. They are actually the photos from the house’s virtual tour when I bought it a few years ago — I should really update with pics of it furnished. But as engineergirl mentioned, a few key items and this place really looks like home. I tend to like to keep the place simple and clean (and tenants appreciate this)and let the tenant decorate to their heart’s desire. It’s a great place and we’ve always had success in getting great tenants (who would gladly provide glowing reviews). Feel free to respond to the ad if interested — I’m showing it to a handful of folks Saturday morning. I haven’t changed the rent price since I started renting the unit 3 years ago because it seems fair and comparable, and it has always rented easily at this price.

      • Well I have to say I don’t even consider parking — I don’t have a car and in MtP/CH, you would be hard pressed to find anything with a dedicated spot, or even much free parking on the street. So if you have a car, that’s important, I guess. The private entrance, free cable & internet and washer/dryer could be a real tipping point for a lot of people though, as I read the ad carefully. I mean, if you live in a studio and want cable & internet, that’s around $100 extra, and coin machines/laundry rooms suck.

        I myself have a particular aversion to basement apartments (having lived in one), so there’s that.

        All that said, to answer your question: there are a TON of buildings on Park Road and Mt. Pleasant St. around there that have studios for around $1000 that have no bed bugs or roaches. Many have character and storage space as well. I myself live in Petworth, but damn near everyone I know with a studio lives over there these days.

        • A dedicated spot is important if you live in an area where street parking is difficult. Is it scarce in this area?

  • This looks like a prison camp.

  • Second the aversion to basement living. The other day I saw a CL ad for a studio in Mt. Pleasant for $850. Didn’t see it in person because it was already snapped up by the time I got there, but the house it’s in is beautiful. I come across basement units, studios, and even one-bedrooms in CH/Mt.P for about $1,000 pretty often in CL.

    I live in a large studio in Adams Morgan (“Lanier Heights,” whatever bogus sub-neighborhood tag is en vogue) for $1,114. True, there are trade-offs like the hell that is coin-operated laundry and the annoying drone of the AC unit, but no apartment is ever going to be perfect if you’re not willing to pay a fortune. Still, good deals can be had.

    A two-bedroom in DC for under $1500?! Above ground? That’s pretty hard to find.

  • for that price what you could do is at least include utilities.

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