Tomatoes I Envy Vol. 82

“Dear PoP,

Whenever I walk into my garden and stare at my ginormous tomato plants (and eggplants, and cucumbers, etc) I can’t help but hear them say “FEED ME SEYMOUR!”

For your tomato envying pleasure.”

Nicely done! This city garden rivals the country one selected as garden of the day.

If you have a great garden, spot for a morning cup of coffee or simply a great tomato send a photo to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com.

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  • Nice work seymour! If I find this garden, I may steal that little white eggplant hanging out in the front. Beware 🙂

  • Emmaleigh504

    I have such garden envy.

  • OK, so what are you feeding them? Squirrels got all our maters, but regardless, they never looked that healthy!

  • It’s all about the soil — lots of manure, lot’s of leafgro, and lot’s of my own compost. The light really isn’t terribly good so they are growing well in the face of natural adversity. And only a couple doses of fertilizer so far (once a month) — make sure your fertilizer doesn’t have too much nitrogen or you are just gointg to get tall and leafy tomatoes with no fruit. As for squirrels, I really can’t explain why our family of black squirrels haven’t attacked yet — but I’m got my BB gun ready.

    • thanks for the info. the squirrelly bastards in our trees are ravenous for tomatoes – and squash blossoms. I’m actually building a giant cage around our garden plot to keep the buggers out!

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