Tomato Envy

I admit it. I have some serious tomato envy after passing dozens of scenes like this, this weekend.

I say we have an informal contest: if anyone is growing tomatoes out there and you have an especially good looking one – send me a photo!

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  • After several year’s of failed tomato crops I tried again this year and decided to go not so organic with anti-fungal sprays and insectides. I have a great looking tomato plant with one tomato. I feel like the Charlie Brown of tomatoes. BTW, my peppers are doing awesome.

  • How have the squirrels left those alone?

  • oh, man, i planted 2 plants in an earthbox on my deck and one patio plant in a separate container. i also went non-organic this year because of fungus issues last year. result? my 2 indeterminate plants are well over 6 feet tall and vining totally out of control: i named them audrey III and audrey IV. i counted almost 50 green juliet tomatoes on one plant as of this morning. my cherry tomatoes have ripened and are delicious. my “patio dwarf” is about 5 feet tall and, due to poor staking, collapsed under the weight of its own tomatoes this weekend. i have tied it back up. if it doesn’t survive, fried green tomatoes! i’ll send pics when i get home.

  • I have a ton of tomatos and have never had to use sprays so I enjoy them fresh picked without so much as a rinse. But squirrels on the other hand. Oh what i’d give for a bb gun.

  • This is my sister’s tomato garden in Petworth! Thanks for highlighting it!

  • Anybody having problems with eaten tomatoes? Last year no tomatoes were eaten but this year all the heirlooms are getting eaten by some sort of animal. Can’t figure out whether they are squirrels, birds, or rats (or some combination).

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