Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – U St/Columbia Heights

This rental is located at Beekman Place by 16th and Florida Ave, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Chic two-level townhouse in gated community.

Just minutes from Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan and U Street.

24 hour security and parking.

large one-bedroom apartment, two bathroom unit, on two levels, with private patio.”

You can see the Beekman Place Web site and photos here. It says, “Beekman Place is situated within the historic walls of the former Henderson Castle.” I’ve always been curious about these homes. What do you think? Does $2980 sound reasonable?

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  • it is my DREAM to teach my cat how to use the toilet…what method did fritz use!?!

  • We’ve lived in Beekman Place since 1984. A wonderful community. These 1-bedroom units are unique in that they’re the only ones in Beekman that don’t have a fireplace. All 2- and 3-bedroom units have fireplaces. Beekman Place takes pride in the grounds (plantings, grasses, flowers, etc.), widewalk brickwork, etc., and management in top notch. $2980 sounds a bit pricey though for a 1-bedroom without fireplace. You DO get 2 unassigned parking PASSES, although that’s not indicated above (and IF the owner passes both on to you). No guarantee of a parking space though. Good Luck!

  • Outrageously high.
    Short term rental only, then very nice indeed.

  • Beekman is very nice but this is WAY overpriced for 1br. You can get a beautiful 1br w/parking & a terrific view @ View14 just across the way. And that building includes A LOT of ameneties and access to a great rooftop. I think it’s going to sit for awhile. $2000 is the most they are going to nab for a 1br in that area.

    • Riiight, because a 750 sqft 1BR in a high rise is totally comparable to a 2 level 1BR townhouse with a patio. And being on the ugliest block for a mile in any direction is just like living on a landscaped private street across from Meridian House and the park.

      That said, Beekman is its own kind of blight. It’s a giant parking lot, and the gate makes it somewhat unwalkable. I never see a car go in or out of there with DC plates, seems like a lot of people move there but don’t establish residence to dodge the vehicle fees (and possibly income tax as well). Then there’s the cop that parks illegally out front every day. I’m sure it’s a nice place but it’s like a little chunk of Fairfax right there in AdMo.

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