Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Room in Columbia Heights/Mt. Pleasant (Reader Request)

This room is located at 16th Street NW & Oak Street NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“A fun, considerate crew of 3 housemates is looking for a fourth. We’re a very DC house, in that we’re all 20somethings from somewhere else and are either feds or nonprofit types, but we’re definitely not fixated on politics and networking; likewise, although we enjoy each other’s company, we can be very busy people and go a week (or two)without all four of us being around at once.

When we do have the chance to hang out together, we enjoy catching up over beers on the porch, cooking (and eating!), planning outings to nearby restaurants, and throwing the occasional party. Starting August 1 or 2, we will have one very spacious room available for a one-year lease on the second floor of our recently renovated, dinner party-perfect house located right by Rock Creek Park. The room has hardwood floors, a huge closet with mirrored doors, a private bathroom, and three windows overlooking 16th St and our front porch.

We currently have 3 women (one of which is moving out) and 1 man living together, which has worked out well; but we are open to restoring gender balance. Please be the responsible, employed, rent-paying, kitchen-cleaning, non-smoking, queer-friendly, interesting type.

We’re environment and energy conscious and like to keep our heat low, our AC off (at least as much as possible), and our compost bin non-smelly. We split utilities, which usually run $40-80/month. Rent is $975/month and includes a monthly cleaning service and gardener. Though we love animals, we are a no-pet house. The house is on 16th Street, which puts much of the city in easy reach, and the Columbia Heights metro within a 12 minute walk. If you’re interested in joining a fun, smart house, please drop us a line and tell us a little bit about yourself and what you are looking for in a living situation!”

Think $975 sounds reasonable?

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  • 16th is nice, but I’m not sure I’d pay that much for a place so out of the way, even if it is a great room

  • Looks like a great room, but that price is not reasonable for MtP. If you’re willing to pay $1000, you might as well look in a more convenient neighborhood, like U Street or Shaw.

  • It’s not bad, I guess. However, that’s a lot of money to pay to live with three other people that far out of the way. As EJ said, you could probably find something closer to a Metro.

  • Seems like a lot going into a group house where you know upfront you’re going to have to fight thermostat wars.

  • I’m only a fan of group houses where they clearly specify that they “work hard and play hard.” no deal.

  • I think it’s great — nice location, nice sounding group of roomies, a cleaning service and gardener, nice house for parties, low utilities. The rent seems good for what’s offered. What’s not to like?

    • nice try, landlord.

    • $975+utilities to live that far out of the way with 3 other people is NOT a deal. I agree with the other commenter, you’re likely either the landlord or the person who posted the ad.

  • $975 plus $80 bucks for a room? Get outta here, I can get a studio for that much. Bad deal.

    • +1. You can easily get a studio for that much. I’m sure the house is nice (gardener?) but save your money, live closer in, and avoid the roommate headaches.

      Although even at $975 they will probably get hordes of people showing up, and do that annoying group house interview thing.

  • Group house interviews are the worst. You’re in a group of 10-20 people, jumping through hoops to try to get a room. In the past, if I’ve known there would be a lot of people at an open house I wouldn’t even bother.

  • Oh, think of the group house interviews as practice for that dating reality show you’ve been dying to get on. I’ve done the group interview thing once, and that was enough. I prefer the one on one or 2 or 3 interview where I don’t have to pretend (lie) to try to one up the other interviewees.
    That is a lot for a group house, but what’s the going rate in that area for sharing with more than 2 people?

    • In my house we each pay $400 to $500; this is probably lower than average, but it shouldn’t be above $800.

      • Yeah, I know 3 group houses that are about half as far from the Columbia Heights Metro and the rooms are all $500-$700 and I know one other group house right around the one listed here where the rent is actually under $400.

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