Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Cap. Hill/Lincoln Park

This rental is located 2 blocks from Lincoln Park on 13th St. NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Newly renovated one bedroom/one bath English basement apartment 2 blocks from Lincoln Park on 13th St. NE. Access to yard with patio for entertaining. Semi-detached rowhome with side windows. Apartment is equipped with washer/dryer, microwave, etc. Private entrance in the rear of house. On bus lines and walking distance to Eastern Market and Potomac Ave Metro Stations. Rental price of $1250 plus utilities. Available immediately. Available to show on Saturday and Sunday, July 17 and 18.”

Does $1250 sound reasonable for this English basement? How much of a premium do you think it is to have a washer and dryer?

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  • That’s a bit too much for a place that far out on the fringes of the Hill. Plus, there’s a Baptist Church directly across the street, so bonus Sunday Parking fiascos!

  • whatever. i think it sounds totally reasonable and well lit for an english basement. yes.

    • It’s not a ridiculous price, but it’s a bit..aspirational. And well lit it is not. It has one small window. One. Which faces on the alley. And back-yard-through-alley-only access to your apartment in a slightly sketchy neighborhood? Yeah, that feels safe coming home late at night.

  • Definitely a great price depending on the size of the apartment. And I would hardly call 13 St the “fringes” these days. I think a W/D is a big bonus, though it appears to be a combo deal, and I’m not sure how well those perform.

    • Agree on the “fringes” comment. Another bonus is it is very near the D6 metrobus line that goes to a) Union Station b) McPherson Square c) K Street and d) Dupont.

    • I agree– Lincoln Park is definitely not on the “fringes”. The ad doesn’t specify whether pets are allowed, but the proximity to the park and the patio/backyard would make this an ideal location for a dog owner. Probably not good for someone who’s metro dependent, as it’s a bit of a hike to any metro station, but I think the price reflects this.

  • Why are so many places in DC listed on Craigslist as “Available Immediately?” Did the landlord really not know that the current tenants weren’t going to move out until after the apartment was vacant? I have to give my current landlord 30 days notice that I’m moving out, but it’s really difficult to find a place that far ahead of time.

    • I think that often means the landlord didn’t price the apt very competitively and wasn’t able to find someone by the date they intended to, or else they just bought the hosue and are renting it out for the first time. You can still look at places even if you’re not moving for 30 days – it’s not like the landlord is going to expect you to show up with a moving truck when you first look at the place.

      • Sure, but if someone else looking at the apartment wants to take it sooner, than you’re SOL b/c the landlord would rather accept that person than give up a month’s rent. I think I’m jaded b/c I’m typically looking for a place during the summer when the rental market is hot and people show up to open houses early and with their checkbook open in order to beat out the competition. I was beaten out of one apartment b/c even though I immediately submitted an application and was the first one, someone offered to sign a two year lease and the landlady liked that better. I tried applying for another place recently but they wouldn’t hold it for me for two extra weeks.

        • By “they wouldn’t hold it for me for two extra weeks” Do you mean the landlady wouldn’t give up $600.00 or more in her income to accommodate you?

          • Exactly – and if you meant your comment to be snarky, I never said that I had an expectation that a landlord would give up several extra weeks of rent — I was giving an example of how the actual rental market this time of year is tighter than Lauren’s comment would imply. Of course there are exceptions, I just applied for an apartment that the company is willing to hold for me for 30 days, but that seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

  • Usually for $1250 you get an old-school kitchen with no dishwasher and no windows, no renovation, and a heck of a walk to metro. plus i like the wood floors, even if they are fake. good deal.

  • I would say that 13th & C NE (which is what I assume “two blocks” means) is getting close to the border of Capitol Hill propert and Hill East. I’m not sure where the Capitol Hill historic district ends. But it doesn’t seem like something worth arguing about, really.

    It’s a great location though not exactly right on top of the metro. Eastern Market at 7th & Pennsylvania is going to be a GOOD walk. Though if it’s on 13th St two blocks SOUTH of Lincoln Park you’ll shave a bit off of that.

    Anyway, we all have different tolerances as to how far we want to walk to and from the metro.

    I think it’s a good price and I think it will go for that price.

  • Mine is around the corner and I pay 950. I get a garage parking spot too. Just felt like bragging. 🙂

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