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I’m not sure if we’ve spoken about this building before but located on the corner of 11th and K Streets, NW it pains me every time I pass it. Anyone know how long it’s been like this? Do you think this building deserves a horse’s ass award? Do you think the huge advertisement makes it better or worse?

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  • I remember seeing this building 7-8 years ago thinking how cool it would be to purchase it and open my dream restaurant in its space. This was before all the new construction sprung up in the area….it was vacant at that time, but no sign covering its pretty facade. I would be curious to learn more about it…who owns it, value, etc… I do hope whatever happens, the building remains intact.

  • You know, this building has been abandoned for a very long time. I’d say over 15 years, possibly longer. It’s surrounding property used to be a mecca for homeless a few years ago — many used to reside next to the building.

    I have walked by this corner every weekday morning on my way to work for a long time. At times, I remember having to shield my nose from the intense smell of human feces, general lack of sanitation and health issues. Once, I even saw a homeless dude defecating on the building, and coughing up blood. I placed 1 or 2 calls to the coalition for the homeless in DC b/c I was worried for these men.

    Thankfully, the property is now fenced off, and hopefully, these men have been cared for.

    I’m sure the building itself is in dire straights — probably needs to be torn down from the inside out, or demolished.

  • it’s a douglas jemal building. i think that speaks for itself.

  • It’s next door to the youth hostel and across from Brasserie Beck, one block from a Bright Horizons daycare and right on K! Wonder what the holdup is.

  • The fence went up about a year or two ago, which is a goddamned atrocity. Before that, at least somebody was using that nook in the south facade as a semi-permanent residence. So what now: the building is protected from somebody who was actually getting some use out of it. Not just a horse’s ass, this one is worth three cheeks. Fix it up or remove the fence.

  • Anybody have a picture of it before the ad went up? It looks like a beautiful old building.

  • Definitely deserves the award, I can’t decide if the advertising improves it or not though. I hate the advertising but maybe it’s better than looking at what’s underneath. building should probably be torn down sadly.

  • That used to be a row of 7 rowhouses. Only 3 survive now. I think there’s a photo of the original row on the Shaw Heritage Trail.

  • The rowhouse to the right looks like it should be in a scary movie.

  • About a year ago I found this website, , it explains a lot of history of Victorian era dc. It has the story of this mansion, not house, at K street, which was the home of a Union Civil War general. It was once at the edge of a series of mansions that went all the way up 16th street, until they were slowly torn down in “improvement” projects during DC’s “wonderful” 1970’s/1980’s.

  • Unfortunately, that sign is legal as it appears on The interesting part is according to public information, no taxes have been paid over the past two years.

    last taxes paid: $12,842.42 in 2008
    Outstanding tax: $41,114.58 (2009 & 2010)

    Tax/owner from:


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