They Should be Knee High by Now!

Speaking of urban farming here are a couple of unusual shots from New Hampshire Ave, NW near the Petworth metro. I love encountering fruit trees. I have noticed too many this year but the one below is apricot, I think. Have you guys spotted any fruit trees around town? What’s the most unusual crop you’ve seen grown in the city?

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  • There’s no water for any crops to grow 🙁

    I’m not sure if we are technically in a drought but it sure feels like it. Even trees are starting to wilt and lose leaves.

  • It’s not unusual, but we have a pear tree in our backyard. The pears are growing like mad!

  • We have only received 2/3 of the average Jan-July rainfall for the year, and most of that was in January and February. It’s definitely a drought right now. I hate to think what my water bill will look like this month as I vainly try to keep my vegetable garden alive.

    On the plus side, it looks like my three fig trees are going to produce a bumper crop this year. I’ve already had a few from the breba crop, but the deluge should come in late August.

    If I only had the room for it, I’d love to plant some pawpaws.

    • where did you buy your fig trees?

      • I actually bought them off ebay and planted them in the fall of 2007. They were about 15-18 inch rooted cuttings. They are now 5 to 8 feet high and 8-10 feet across.

        If you decide to plant some, stick with brown turkish and celeste; most of the others are iffy for our winters. They do best in a location where they get full sun all day.

  • A question for those you have fruit trees. What do you do about squirrels? We have 2 plum trees and all the fruits have been eaten by squirrels back in the spring.

    • If your trees are small enough, net them. That’s what I do with my cherry tree. So far, the birds and squirrels don’t seem to have figured out the figs.

    • Our pear tree is large enough where we still have too many pears, even with the little critters eating them. We don’t do anything about the animals, the tree is too large. We do keep the fallen ones picked up off the ground to try to discourage rats, though (and our dogs from eating too many of them).

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