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“The DCRA is working to gain full authority to issue all types of vending licenses, but currently lacks authority for some. At this time, the DCRA does not have authority to expand the number of vendors selling goods or foods from public sidewalks. We have recently published new street vending regulations to grant the agency full authority to launch the new street vending program. Once these new rules are passed by the Council of the District of Columbia, the DCRA will be fully authorized to once again, offer a license and permit to sidewalk vendor licenses across the city. Before the final rules are published, however, we want to hear from you. We want to know what you like and don’t like. We want to know what type of foods you’d like to see more of and less of.”

Take their Survey Here.

I’d like to see some street gyros!

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  • Run it better than your vacant property group.
    Provide clear instructions instead of trying to follow the mobius strip of directions that is common.
    Novel concept, one visit and you should be able to fill out all the paperwork.

  • This survey is way too long!

  • I agree POP, street gyros are a necessity. On the subject, the quality of gyros in this town is terrible. I’d love a good recommendation. Port of Piraeus has been my favorite but it’s a far cry from the gyros of my youth in Chicagoland

    • Greek Deli on 19th St b/w L and M. You’re welcome!

    • The Greek Spot off U St makes them pretty well. My gf loves Astor’s gyro, but its too much like a wrap for me. I like my gyro’s bursting out of the pita – the kind where it wouldn’t hold together if it weren’t for the foil wrapper.

      • That bar does seem to be chugging ahead at lightning speed compared to some of the other establishments I’ve heard were coming to the area.

    • Last time DCRA tried to improve the situation a gyro guy did start up, but he had a crappy location at 15th and M. He never had any business and his gyros were pretty good. I wonder if even after trying to improve the situation whether this is doomed to failure b/c all the good locations are occupied by dirty water dog guys.

  • does it seem odd to anyone else that every single vendor at Nationals Park is selling the exact same thing? the EXACT same thing? did someone bid all those permits and box out the competition? or is there no one interested in selling anything other than gatorade, water, soda, hot dogs & peanuts?

    with a stadium that allows you to bring in outside food, it would sure be nice to have a little more variety in the options. i’d think vendors could make a killing, given the prices inside.

    • The last story I heard from someone in DC Gov was that there is a scam going where all the vendor carts have to be stored at this one facility, and the owner/operator of this facility has ties to a hot dog/junk food vendor. If you don’t buy all your supplies from this vendor, then he won’t let you store your cart there [as required by some sort of regulation]. Typical shady DC dealings. I’d love to hear the real story from someone in DCRA.

  • I’m going to check out the survey now. We work with the hot dog vendors to do something different than hot dogs, and are “launching” cart #7 on Tuesday. Check it foodchaindc.com

    Much love and better food!
    Coite Manuel
    Owner, Food Chain

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