Sweet Historic Photos from DDOT

H Street, NE, at 15th Street looking east toward Benning Road (ca; 1945) courtesy of DDOT

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) just created a new flickr page with sweet historic photos. I could spend hours looking at these photos. Awesome.

9th St & Florida Ave, NW, (ca: 1958) courtesy of DDOT

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  • Why was everything so much cooler back in the day. Look at that pool hall. I’d love it if there really was a divey pool hall in dc. Or a Divey bowling alley for that matter. Can’t someone just open a shitty bowling alley with nothing but pitchers of shitty beer and crappy pizza. is that too much to ask?

    • ….but it should have a Starbucks counter and offer WiFi.

    • actually, that looks like a pretty nice joint… from the outside, anyway.

      I agree, though. Pizza, beer, bowling. What else do you need? Lucky Strike lanes can kiss my booty!

      If you want a divey pool hall, there’s one on 14th on the same block as the Red Derby. Brush up on your Spanish! 🙂

      • Ive been in there a couple times actually. I want to like it but the regulars don’t really seem stoked on a gringo in there. They seemed uncomfortable by it but not mean at all. They are just doing their thing after a 20 hour day and I think it harshes on their good time. Also they charged me like 5 bucks a pop for bottles of Heiny and Corona. Maybe thems the gringo prices but it was too rich for my blood.

        • There’s also one above Combinacion Restaurant at 1772 Columbia Rd. Necesita hablar español también.

          • pero, quanto questa una cerveza? Hay un precio para los Hispanos y un otro para los gringitos?

    • There’s a bowling alley like that just north of DC, in Riverdale.

  • Strike Bethesda used to be an old and gritty Bowl America. How many from the area had Bowl America Birthday shirts growing up? Man I’m feeling nostalgic today.

  • Very cool. Thanks for posting these.

  • That can’t be DC… There’s no gum on the sidewalks!

  • these are indeed great photos. good find PoP!

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