Rita’s Coming to Chinatown

Looks like a Rita’s is coming next to the new Pho spot, Pho DC, at 608 H St, NW. Incidentally the new Pho sign is looking sweet.

I asked some workmen when they thought they’d open and they said another month or two.

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  • does DC do anything to encourage Chinatown to be Chinese in any way?

  • Finally! The coming soon sign has been up for almost a year… I was starting to think Rita would never come 😉

  • And yes, DC (or some other authority, that I’m not sure) actually makes all buildings and businesses in Chinatown be a little culturally sensitive. Otherwise there would hardly be anything “chinese” about our “chinatown”.

  • I love me some Ritas.

  • Is there some kind of ordinance that signs have to be in Chinese and English? I find it ludicrous, Do Auntie Anne’s, Starbucks and TD Bank really need to be in both languages? I guess it adds a little character but only makes Chinatown feel even more phony to me than it is already.

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