Reminder: Median Planting Sat. Volunteers Needed

Thanks to Jeff on 8th for sending in details and images of what’s going on with the New Hampshire Ave, NW medians. He writes:

“In the 3700 block, the median will be tilled and mulched. This is due to the foot traffic caused by people not crossing at the cross walks (aka jaywalking). Which resulted in the sod being killed. Also, DDOT/UFA is looking into options to reduce jaywalking in the 3700 block but as of right now a solution hasn’t be selected.

In the 3800 block, the median will be tilled by DDOT/UFA, and will be mulched on July 10 with mulch donated by Tom Carter from Terra, Inc ( which is based in Petworth). If and when we are able identify additional funding and community support, we will also plant this median and any other median from Georgia Ave to Grant Circle.

In the 3900 block, the median will be mulched (again with mulch donated by Tom Carter from Terra, Inc) and planted with flowers via a grant from ANC 4C on July 10. Volunteers are still needed for the planting.

If anyone wishes to volunteer please email us at [email protected]

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  • I’m one of the people who jaywalk at the 3700 block–when you are walking from Rock Creek Church Rd. to the Metro entrance, it’s easier to cut across than go down to the crosswalk. Am I lazy? Yes.

    That doesn’t mean I don’t care about killing the sod. Rather than replacing the sod every year, why not just accept that people are going to jaywalk and provide some path for people to use, such as some stepping stones. If there were some stepping stones or some other “unofficial” path, I would walk on them rather than the grass.

  • why does the median south of ga/nh intersection, all the way down to monroe, keep getting ignored? the sod on the entire stretch of this median is dead too.

  • Over the years (decades really), I’ve seen these medians designed and redesigned on paper and then not property excavated prior to planting removing clay and providing for proper drainage and a good soil mix and the proper selection of enduring native plants.

    It all looks good for six months, and fails due to the absence of long term thinking, the above, and more importantly regular and continued maintenance after.

    Private hotels, and private sector office buildings do regular plantings in the Spring and then in the Fall for color around permanent plantings and spend less than then our local city government does and with much better enduring results.

    It’s hard to provide municipal services with only 60% of revenues when as I read on my DC real property tax bills how 40% of our taxes goes to pay interest on our city’s public debt our home rule has gotten us into and they continue to spend, spend, spend mostly for payroll for people behind desks instead of brigades of public works personnel out maintaining the common areas.

    • There are also some neighborhoods where all the businesses chip in so they can hire a landscaping company to take care of tree boxes or medians (Wisconsin Ave or Bethesda). I think the model here needs to be local residents volunteering with support of the ANC (yes it would be great if some businesses/developers could chip in, but I can’t see it all being business-supported). A similar model might be along Vermont Ave near U St, where they have beautiful medians that are maintained by neighborhood residents.

  • From an ANC mtg – there is issue of not wanting to encourage people to cross in the middle of the block, because if they got hurt maybe the city would be responsible. But putting cobblestones in would be a good idea. Maybe if they did it for the whole block it wouldn’t look like there was a “path” to cross just in the middle of the block.

  • Hi everyone, some info on the median plantings – I just spoke to one of the organizers. If you are interested in joining the planting of the medians, please meet us between 9-9:30am at the triangle park bordered by New Hampshire Ave. and Randolph St NW. If you have them, please bring gloves plus a trowel and/or shovel. We should have extras for anyone who can’t bring their own. Good news is that there should be a break in the heat on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

  • How about have a crosswalk where people actually need to use it instead of down at the bottom of the V?

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