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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Rant: Mugging that occurred on 13th Street between W and Florida on Friday morning between 11-1115. DC Metro had one suspect in custody. Officer relayed the story that the victim was walking southbound towards U St, passed three juveniles, and then was struck from behind and robbed while on the ground. Victim was receiving treatment when I passed, his face was pretty busted up. Watch your back (literally) look out for each other.

    • hmmm… possible to “literally” watch one’s own back?

      leads into my rant (just poking fun, Monster Cow):
      when people use the word “literally” when they shouldn’t.

      “I was literally beside myself.” Not possible.
      “He literally scared me to death.” What’s it like on the other side?
      “He was literally, like, a hundred feet tall!” You’re an idiot.

  • Rave: The new bicyclespace in Mount Vernon Square led a bike tour over the weekend. We went on the met branch trail, around some lake that apparently exists, and all over town. Great to see all the bike routes I didn’t know exisited. People should check them out, it was a great time.

    Rant:I will never be a tomato farmer

    • Emmaleigh504

      In Steel Magnolias one of the ladies grows tomatoes even though she hates them, so she gives them to every one she knows. I need to be friends with a person like that. I love tomatoes and cannot grow them.

      If anyone has too many tomatoes, I’ll take them off your hands!

  • Rant:

    Meridian Pint TAPPED OUT.


    Pic documenting WARM, foamy beer from MP table taps fri night. Taptechs spent 20 minutes trying to fix to no avail.

    Has this happened to any1?

    Was this just a sweet new beer style I don’t know abt yet?

    Should tables not b tapped?

    • Bummer! But if that is the worst thing you have to rant about it seems like you are doing all right this week!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Comcast’s terrible service and terrible customer service is making me suicidal.
    Rant: I’m under the weather.
    Rant: My folks went to China and I couldn’t go with them.
    Rave: My herb garden is thriving.
    Rave: My kitty is super sweet and loving right now.
    Rave: My apartment manager is awesome!

  • Rave: Finally find out the sex of the bambino on the way today! Can’t wait!

    Rant: Had to wait 20 weeks to find out!

    • Emmaleigh504


      • Will know this afternoon after the sono. Hopefully said bambino will cooperate and let us know!

        • Emmaleigh504

          I thought you already knew; my mistake.

          • Now I do and it is a baby boy!

          • Emmaleigh504

            awesome! If you need name suggestions I give them freely. In fact, I tend to give name suggestions without being asked. I’m trying to not do it today, but I can’t promise.

          • Emmaleigh504

            awesome! If you need name suggestions I give them freely. In fact, I tend to give name suggestions without being asked. I’m trying to not do it today, but I can’t promise.

            (apologies if this shows up 10 times, the internet hates me today)

    • It’s raining babies in Petworth. Practically every house on my block has a kid between the ages of 1 day and 3 years old. Not counting the fecund young couples who are starting to get bored with the hipster night life phase and the Home Depot phase of lifes and are thinking of moving on to Phase Three: broke and sleep deprived. Congrats!

  • Rant: The time I waste on my commute from DC to TheMiddleOfNowhere is super annoying and makes me think that when I wake up at 40 and wonder where my life went…I will realize how much of my youth I wasted on the metro. Depressing.

    Rave: I have a really kick-ass team for trivia tonight.

  • Rave: went house hunting and surprisingly saw a lot of really great stuff!

    Rant: Still trying to decide whether buying is something I want to do…which in turn is making me question my current life plan, and just enhancing my impending age crisis.

    What to do…?

  • Rant: I am *literally* sick of comcast. Anyone have a solution to high speed internet at home that doesn’t involve comcast or verizon dsl? No need for phone or tv. $65 a month is just silly.

  • Rant: Yesterday I was driving in NW with an MPD officer behind me and we both drove by a car with a smashed-in window. Glass all over the street. The officer pulled up next to me at a light around the corner.

    Me: Excuse me, officer. Did you see —
    MPD: Yeah, I saw it. Can’t do anything about it, though. Someone needs to call in a complaint.
    Me: Really? You can’t just radio in that you saw an obvious break-in? I bet the owner would appreciate being notified.
    MPD: Nope.
    Me: Can I call it in?
    MPD: Sure, but you’d need to wait here until a car responds so they can take a report.

    And no, I couldn’t wait around. Of course, now I feel a little guilty. If you’re the owner of a car that was broken into on Phelps Pl. NW, I’m sorry about that.

    • Really? So, a passing police officer can’t just investigate something suspicious?

      • Apparently not when it’s hot out and the patrol car has A/C. Seriously, it was obviously a break-in. And I didn’t have to finish my sentence so he definitely saw it.

        • so, the giant 2-by-4 just hit me over the head: if you report the break in directly to this officer, doesn’t that make HIM the responding car? Or at least, *shouldn’t* it?

          I really bugs me that it has to go through dispatch or whatever because this officer doesn’t feel like stopping.

    • what you should have reported was his badge number.

      • I totally understand the sentiment, but no thanks. I live very close to Third District and regularly rely on the laziness of MPD to overlook my parking, um… creativity. Don’t need to get into a pissing contest with them and have my car targeted by the officers coming and going.

        A little selfish, yeah, but the last thing I need is a pissing contest with an armed neighbor who has the ability to write tickets.

    • ah

      And if you call it in, how long does it take for a car to respond WHEN THERE’S A CAR RIGHT THERE?

      • I can answer that: 1.5 hours minimum.

        A few months ago our neighbor’s car was parked right across 17th St. from the police station. His car and 2 or 3 others near his were damaged by a hit-and-run driver — his was probably totaled. Rather than tie up 911 he walked across the street to the station and was sent away to call 911, even though they could see the damage from the station’s windows.

        It took an hour and a half for a cruiser to show up. He came speeding the wrong way up 17th from U St. with his lights and siren on, did a tire-screeching u-turn at 17th and V, and promptly hit ANOTHER parked car.

        I have no idea whether he reported himself.

  • Rant: was supposed to travel to NW coast this past weekend, but I spent 1.5 hrs on the airport tarmac. Finally plane went back to gate to let folks off if they wanted. I got off, got refund, no long weekend trip!!!

    Rant: patient called me a ho this morning at 857am, eventhough I didn’t do or say anything. Too damn early to be dealing w/ nasty people.

    Rave: My boss is on vacation and the workplace is a little more relax.

  • rant/rave: sweating profusely through a (poorly air-conditioned) fringe festival performance last night – at least it was amusing!

  • Rave: the odometer on my bike computer passed 600 miles on Saturday. That’s probably the most I’ve done in any season, and my new goal is to get to the 800 mile mark by the first of August. And now I want to buy a road bike.

    Rant: good road bikes are really expensive.

  • Rave: Saw my parents for the first time in 8 months, during a Skype call, this weekend.
    Rave: Got a crepe at the crepe place on 14th
    Rant: Mosquitoes

  • Rant – Idiot bicyclist riding fast the wrong way on a one way street who nearly killed my dog.

    Rave – Fringe Festival!!

    • ah! but haven’t you heard? “Share the Road” only applies to cars. Douches on bikes get to do whatever they want.

      fireworks in 3, 2, 1…

      • As a bike rider – I agree! We are horrible. New DC Law; if you ride your bike the road at night you are required to have a front and back light.

  • Just saw on another thread that U Street is getting a makeover – the actual street at least. ( http://www.ustreetnwupgrade.com/ ) I’m not sure if this is a rant or rave.

    Rave: I own property in the area so hopefully it will have a positive impact

    Rant: I live in the area so it will probably increase noise and traffic on an already noisy and congested street.

  • rave: gentrification, and the conservative voices on this blog and in the community

    rant: the entitled and their apologists who just cant seem to figure out where the blame for their plight in life actually falls

  • Real Pillar of the Community, aren’t you?

  • Rave: Maine. “The way life should be”. If by “should be” we mean low humidity, sparsely populated, and gorgeous. Not “should be”, as in no economy, cold as balls, and over 50% of the population working for the state of maine.

    Rant: Back to DC heat and humidity.

  • Rant: “District Taco” and other food trucks that claim to serve DC, but stick to the other side of the river.

    Rant: Farragut and Franklin Squares get all the food trucks despite there being tons of great lunch places around, while Capitol South gets the shaft.

    Rave: I had great leftovers for lunch.

  • Rave: Legal collusion

    Rant: Lead paint

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