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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

Hope you survived the earthquake ok. Alert DC sends an advisory in case of another one:

“o Take cover under a desk, table, or bench. If none is available, use an inside wall or doorway.
o Stay away from windows, outside doors, walls, and anything that could shatter or fall on you.
o If you’re sleeping, stay in bed and cover your head with a pillow. If your bed is under a heavy light fixture or you have a large mirror or painting over your headboard, move to the nearest safe place.
o Stay inside until the shaking stops. Most injuries during an earthquake occur when people enter or exit a structure.”

You should also follow these instructions if the communists invade…

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  • rant: this WordPress junk. lost count of how many times I’ve been told I’m “posting too quickly” somehow, or my posts just being plain-old dumped. When I try to repost, WP tells me I “already said that” even though my post is clearly not on the page, no matter how many times I refresh or reload… grrr.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Not sure why that happened. For some reason your comment went to a spam folder, it got approved now. If that ever happens again, I usually see it very quickly. Sorry again, though. It drives me crazy as well.

      • thanks. I sent it several times, so there’s probably multiple copies in your spam folder!

  • Rant: earthquake discussion. Who cares? Nobody was hurt, no damage was done. Move on with your lives.

    • I will move on. Tomorrow. Today, however, the earthquake remains the only interesting thing that has happened.

  • Rant: Just who are those guys outside the Gallery Place Metro who keep calling me an evil white man? The ones dressed like gladiators? They would be amusing if not so hateful.

    Rave:Harvesting produce from the roof.

  • Rant: Tight-wads/poor planners who put water in the dish or hand soap bottles to get that last bit of soapy residue out. Frickin’ replace the soap morans!

  • Rant: it seems that all that’s required to open a bar/restaurant on the 14th Street corridor is to be a carbon-based life form, while opening one in Eckington requires navigating a bureaucracy apparently lifted wholesale from a Soviet workcamp.

    Rave: my byline might appear in a glossy national mag very soon.

    • change your menu to “all pollo, all the time!” …actually, no. that’s the secret for success on 14th.

  • RANT: DC Grand Jury Duty for 5 weeks! Is stupidity the only job skill requirement of the DC Court System?

    RAVE: There will be no rave until I’m released from the prison sentence known as DC Grand Jury Duty.

    • Spending time in the triple nickel will change your life, I heard mostly homicides 2 summers ago…

    • I agree with Mud. It will be life changing experience. You’ll learn all sorts of slang, come home with nightmares, but towards the end it will give you a different appreciation of DC.

      I enjoyed the people that I served with.

      Oh, and invest in a wireless card for your laptop, if you have one. It will come in sooooo handy.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Earthquake: Why would you stay in bed? Seems like moving to a safe place would be best, but what do I know.
    Rave: awesome lunch of homemade chicken gumbo
    Rant: I’m not independently wealthy.

  • I would love to sit on a grand jury! I think it would be really interesting. Though five weeks… yeah, I can see tedium setting in pretty quickly.

    (Where did the captchas go? I haven’t had to type one in recently)

  • rant: posters who don’t take the time to post their own stuff, but seem to only make lame comments on every single other post in the thread! 🙂

  • Rant: Newly adopted cat is sick with kitty conjunctivitis even though she already completed her medicine, which means another trip to the vet’s office. And I find vet offices about as comfortable as I do hospitals, which means clamminess and nerves will ensue.

    Rave/rant: Monday interview went well, but now I’m on pins and needles waiting for references to be contacted. Fingers crossed.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Hmm my references rarely get contacted, and if they do get contacted it’s always after the job has been offered.

  • rave: heading to the airport for a short vaca to eugene, or

    rant: my tomato plants grew tall but have NO tomatoes…wtf?!

    • do you have squirrels? because they absolutely LOVED our tomatoes. Ate them green, before we could even get a shot at them… although we did make fried green tomatoes once! yummy!

      alternatively, I’d guess it’s the soil. certain nutrients cause good plant growth (sounds like you got a bunch of that) and some cause the plant to bear fruit (not enough of that, maybe?). Potassium, nitrogen, magnesium, I think are the big three, but I forget which does which. Stupid brain!

    • Are your tomatoes on the roof? Sometimes pollinators have a hard time flying up there, especially if it’s a high-wind area. No bees = no fruit.

  • Grand jury is quite a learning experience, except when a child molesting case is brought forward and the little kids tell what some grown man has done to them. Brought tears to my eyes, I wanted to cut off his organ at the quick.

  • Does anyone know what was going on around 16th & Mt. Pleasant last night around 8? A couple of cop cars were circling the block and a cop on foot chased a guy down.

  • Rant: genocide
    Rave: butterflies!

  • Rave: have a second date tonight with a very capable Navy Lt. who is getting me closer and closer to re-enacting my ‘An Officer and A Gentleman’ fantasy

    Rant: he’s a moving target who could reassigned to the other side of the world anytime

    Rave: deciding not to care about the future and enjoy the moment

  • Rave: Booked a beach weekend, at least we’ll get to the beach ONCE this year.
    Rant: It’s so hot it’s impossible to walk to work without sweating.

  • Rant: Just closed on a house and am totally terrified that it was the wrong decision. Stupid anxiety

    • I feel your pain (or anxiety, in this case)!

      I was in the same place last year. For us, we just had to stick to our cleaning/fixing budget and make sure that we had reasonable expectations. The anxiety turns into happiness pretty quickly.

      Good luck!

  • Rave: I am making goat cheese with lavender and blueberries tonight!

  • Rant: What I thought was a couple of bug bites or an allergic reaction to a new detergent turned out to be shingles! Who the fuck gets shingles?!

  • Anybody know if Ellwoods has started their build out? They were supposed to break ground in July but I didn’t see any movement last time I walked by.

  • RAVE: I FINALLY GOT A JOB!! exactly what i wanted, more money than i expected, and 10 minutes from petworth 🙂

    RANT: don’t get paid for another month… 🙁

  • Rave: Being treated to a week at the beach in NC by a friend. Can’t wait to eat fresh fish and Duneburgers, and go hang gliding at Kitty Hawk.

  • Rave: OK daddy, the rest of the pizza is yours!

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