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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this long weekend?

Any tricks for how to survive this heat? I’m currently working on perfecting the ice pack vest… (patent pending, patent pending!)

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  • Rant: Didn’t Fenty make and ALL POOLS OPEN call during heat waves last year? And hasn’t today? Which sucks, because the DPR pool two blocks away from my front stoop (which is about as far as I can manage to make my kids walk today) is closed on Tuesdays. . .

  • Rant: Apparently I should remember to proofread BEFORE hitting the submit button.


  • Rant: the government doesn’t shut down when it hits 100+. I miss Snowmaggedon.

  • Rave: There’s no snow/ice on the ground

    Rant: I planned to escape for the game today but somebody just had to have a 3:30 meeting.

  • Rant: I really miss winter, cold, darkness and cold! I will never understand what the attraction to summer is at all.

  • Great photo – could be the first entry in the coolest pet in PoPVille contest

  • wrong blog. please report back to DCist echo chamber.

  • Rave: The beer selection at Meridian Pint

    Rant: One toilet in the men’s bathroom on the main floor. The same at the Biergarten Haus. Am I the only one who wishes trough-style urinals were more prevalent?

    • ah

      Move to Paris — the streets are basically a trough-style urinal.

      As for me, I prefer not to subject myself to the olfactory affront.

      • fill the trough with ice. the slow-drip melt provides a slow motion “flush” and takes care of the smell as well.

        bonus: you get to “drill” holes in the ice.

        • When people talk about France being smelly, these trough urinals are one of the reasons why. I’ve never seen one that didn’t reek, ice or no. Then there’s always that guy who can’t aim right, and you end up getting splattered. I can’t believe someone’s actually advocating that.

    • Actually the outside toilets (not the port-a-potties) at BH were open during Germany-Argentina on Saturday.

  • I just can’t tell the difference between Fenty and Gray. Is there a chart somewhere, or one of those handy “compare” buttons they have when online shopping. Would love to make an informed decision, but have no information.

    Also, would like to introduce $5000 fines for spitting out chewing gum on days this hot because my shoe is a mess.

    • The difference between them…one has been mayor for 4 years, the other hasn’t. And since Fenty’s been mayor, his penchant for cronyism that may have crossed over into unlawful enrichment of his buddies, and his mayor-as-king attitude is out there for all to see. Gray hasn’t had the opportunity to demonstrate whether he’ll suffer from similar faults.

      There are very few substantive differences between these two, at least from the perspective of policies they say they support or oppose. One difference is that Gray has been non-committal on Michelle Rhee’s continued employment if he wins, while Fenty strongly supports Rhee. I think most people read Gray’s fence-straddling as an indication he’ll fire her if he’s elected, but doesn’t want to alienate voters who think she’s doing a good job.

      • Ugh, the other difference is that Fenty attacked a major problem head on and is executing like you’d expect from a mayor, while Gray is doing a lot of deliberating (without much else), which is what you’d expect from the legislative branch.

        If you think kids deserve a good education even if their parents are poor and uneducated, vote for Fenty.

        If you like to watch kids go from high school, to underemployment, to unemployment to government assistance for multiple generations, vote for Gray.

        • I used to be pro-Fenty , but then realized I was actually pro-Rhee. However now that she is getting all political with it, not sure what I think anymore. If she really cared about DC kids wouldnt she just stay regardless of the Mayor? Also, who will make parking in my neighborhood not a complete nightmare on Sundays?

          I remain pro-Nnamdi

  • rant: my apartment search so far is making it look likely that I’m moving to Virginia, boo

    • I hear ya Grumpy. It might be Maryland for me. I’d love to stay in NW DC but there is very little in my price range (max limit $1,950) that is larger than a studio or located in an area that is relatively safe for a single female.

      • I’m sorry, JW, but I have to disagree. There is a lot in that price range, but no, probably not in Dupont. Columbia Heights and Petworth both have BRILLIANT apartments for WAY less than 1950/month. Maybe you need to expand your horizons and look beyond the Dupont/downtown bubble.

        I personally have a beautiful basement apartment which is around 600-700 sq feet, huge kitchen, one bedroom with all utilities, cable and internet included for $1000/month in the beautiful (and very safe if you pay attention to crime reports) Brookland area.

        • Thanks. I’ll have to take a few walking trips (once its a little cooler outside) to those areas, as I have not personally been to the Brookland area. I was taking advice from someone who claims to know all about the various areas of DC but perhaps I shouldn’t take their word for it and instead see each place for myself. I am a little paranoid about english basement apartments (too easy for an axe murderer or family of cockroaches to gain access.)

          • A lot of people who claim they “know DC,” actually don’t. For example, there are the people who will say in authoritative tones that “Southeast is bad, Northwest is good,” and they have no idea what they’re talking about. Or the people whose world doesn’t extend beyond Dupont/Adams-Morgan. Do your own research, keep an open mind, and do some footwork.

          • Okay, I’ll give you credit for the first one, but for the second, not so much. You’re much more likely (in my opinion) to fall prey to bug infestations in apartment building where you cant do anything about your neighbors’ filth.

            My advice, should you choose to branch out of NW is look at Brookland (South and East of the metro station–there are some beautiful single family homes and I feel very very safe there–for the record I am a 4’11 woman so I understand that feeling) as well as the Capitol Hill/North Capitol Hill areas. And don’t let looks deceive you. Just because a place looks nicer doesn’t mean it’s crime statistics are better. Make crimereports.com your best friend and just make sure you’re filtering the results to look at what would actually interest you–ADW, Sexual assaults, random robberies on the streets. Also, another thing to do is if you find an apartment and you’re not completely sure about the safety of the area, use the phone numbers available on dc.gov and call the PSA–the officers are surprisingly candid about the safety of certain areas over others.

          • Definitely agree with Billy. Walk around, get to know the neighborhoods and the local joints. We logged so many miles when we were house hunting!

            Brookland is a great area and was on our list of definite possibles – until we found the house we love in [that-neighborhood-that-we-never-did-decide-the-name-for-it], otherwise known as North Columbia Heights or 14th Street Heights.

            Good luck!

      • You should try exploring neighborhoods outside of NW. You’ll find many of them safe.

      • Yep, I’m with S. I’m on Capitol Hill (albeit in an English basement, which I know you mentioned you don’t want) and I pay $1650/month, which includes satellite, although I do pay my other utilities. But, I have a washer/dryer, my landlords are dog-friendly, and I’m close to two major bus lines (X2, 90/92/93) as well as the metro (Union Station).

        • I’m in SW, a block from a metro and a brand-new safeway (and 5 blocks from the Nationals stadium) and pay $1200 for a small 1-br (not a basement), which includes all utilities except phone and cable, allows small pets, and has a full-time front desk staff, a balcony, and a swimming pool. There’s not a ton to do in the neighborhood but I’m happy to go elsewhere for nightlife.

          Looking at the crime maps for DC, there’s about 1/3 the (violent, property, and overall) crime within 1500 feet of my apartment than there is within the same distance of 18th & Columbia NW. Compared to 20th & Q NW, to pick a random Dupont location, there is slightly less violent crime in my neighborhood and about 1/4 the property crime.
          Of course, there are more people walking around the NW neighborhoods than near my apartment.

          All this to say, don’t give up hope! Visit different neighborhoods, look at http://crimemap.dc.gov for objective info on which places are “safe,” and I’m sure you’ll find a place in your price range.

          • ps: JW, I am also a single (white, petite) female and feel safe walking home from the metro or bus at night. I think that knowing the crime statistics is very helpful, but you also have to feel comfortable in a given area, and that is somewhat subjective.

          • Thanks for all of the great comments everyone. I’m now getting excited about expanding my apartment search!

  • Rave: Made blueberry and crème fraîche ice cream and learned how to create a hyperlink.

    Rant: Too hot (but I don’t miss the cold and darkness) and the new A/C unit I ordered last week is still in transit.

  • Rave: July Fourth picnics
    Rant: hot, humid, stickiness
    (and therefore…)
    Rave 2: air conditioning

  • Rave: The family of ducks that wandered down Constitution Avenue during the fireworks and sat on the grass with everyone else and watched. Wish I’d had a camera.

  • Why do you say this? Not trying to be confrontational, genuinely curious–I don’t know much about Gray.

    • ugh, this was supposed to be directed to Ragged dog re: Gray/Fenty

    • I’ll flip it on it’s head, why not support a mayor who has done more to give poor kids a fighting chance at a decent education than any mayor since home rule? DCPS has been an abomination since the 80’s. It was run for the sole purpose of providing jobs for political contacts at the expense of kids. You can’t morally justify that. DC kids were being passed through the system until they were 18, but they weren’t educated. Who took on the problems at DCPS? Fenty did. You can complain all you want about Rhee’s “style” but the “results” which are rising test scores, to me, justify the “style”. On the other hand, who is supporting Gray? The DC teacher’s union that’s been taking it on the chin for not producing results -over decades-.

      Why would a mayoral candidate run against this effort while all but promising to neuter the schools chancellor once he’s in office?

  • Rave: The One Man Lord of the Rings Trilogy show currently playing at the Woolly Mammoth Theater. Brilliant!

  • Rave: My boyfriend was finally able to come over to my apartment and stay over for 8 hours without DYING of allergies for the first time in over a year.

    Rant: It came at the expense of having had to give up the sweetest kitty in the world.

    But I suppose…


  • Amazing, week after week, it goes on unabated with practically no action from the City Council or Mayor or AG. Young man shot at bball court. Young man beaten to death at metro. Old gentleman shot in cold blood at BBQ. What does the DC community gain from all this senseless youth violence, and when oh when will the City take full responsbility for managing this mess since they won’t let us know who these violent kids are and what they’ve done to us for all these years?

  • Rave: JUDY! She’s the yellow lab sitting in the tub in the picture above. She’s a foster dog looking for a new home through Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. She spent her first weekend in DC with us- we picked her up from the shelter, bathed her and fostered her overnight- and she was amazing. We already have a full house but I would have kept this dog in a heartbeat if I was looking. Here is her info:


    • Two paws up for Lucky Dog Animal Rescue – my amazing Mazie came to me through Lucky Dog.

      Judy sounds like a winner – hope a Lucky Person brings her home.

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