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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

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  • ah

    Rant: Smokers who treat the world as their ashtray. Doesn’t your car have an ashtray? Must you toss your butt out the window?

  • Rave: The Weather!

    Rant: Office Job

  • Rave: Going to NYC this weekend. Nice break from DC and they apparently have some pretty nice fireworks as well.

    Rant: Leaving my dog home alone. 🙁

  • Rant: Almost no one is here in the office but the ones that are have a major attitiude.

    Rave: As said already…the weather!

    • 🙂

      Hey PoP, any response?

    • Them’s fightin’ words! If what Meg was saying about the way Dan moderated the forum last week is true, then that’s a shame. I understand it’s gotta be frustrating for PoP to get second considering how much more time and effort he puts into this blog, but he shouldn’t be acting all salty about it. It’s apples and oranges to me anyway: this is like CNN and 2B1B is Comedy Central. I enjoy both.

      • I agree, I follow both blogs and it sounds like PoP was a prick — apology necessary Dan.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        I was totally kidding about the coming in second. I’d be interested to hear from folks or other panelists who attended the event to see if they were offended as well. At the time it seemed like we all had a good time. However, I sometimes forget that not everyone gets my sense of humor. But, I have apologized to Meg and Chris in an email because it absolutely was not my intention to offend them. I think they are both very funny and wish them the best of luck in the future.

        • She’s a 25 year old with a distorted sense of herself. I wouldn’t worry too much about her immature over-reaction.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            It got blown completely out of proportion that’s for sure. The guy, Chris, was very nice in accepting my apology and told me he wasn’t offended.

      • He got 3rd place, let’s be clear about that.

        DCist got 2nd.

  • Rave: woo hoo – Petworth Farmer’s market day.

    Rave: finaly got to test out the new roof this week and not a single leak. The gutters don’t drain that well but that was a given… just happy it doesn’t leak and we can finally get the structure painted and the outside of the house looking better….

    Rant: Family coming into town on Sunday so I can’t buy that much stuff at the market because we won’t be around this week to eat it.

  • Rant: DC drivers who:

    a) take five seconds to move after a light turns green. I know you have a lot more important things to do than drive, but maybe the rest of us are trying to get somewhere.

    b) start at three miles an hour for the first 50 yards, before realizing their car can go much faster and then accelerating to 50 mph in a 30 just in time to reach the next red light. Accelerate to a reasonable speed quickly, maintain that speed, and then we all make the next light.

    c) slow down to a crawl before turning right at any intersection, even if there are no pedestrians or other vehicles present, and then take the turn at 1 mph. Just make the turn already!

    d) turn left in front of all oncoming traffic the instant the light turns green, relying on their superior alertness to get them turned before the oncoming traffic moves. Screw you.

    e) coast past the line at a four way stop, effectively playing chicken with everybody else who freezes and lets them continue through without hitting the brakes, for fear of being t-boned by them.

    f) drivers who wait until they stop in the middle of an intersection to turn on their left directional. If you don’t turn on your light, I assume you are going straight and that affects my decision to stay behind you before traffic builds up. Once you use your signal, it’s too late and I am stuck behind you for up to a minute.

    g) block the box and then stare straight ahead as everybody honks their horns. If you’re going to let your sense of self importance freeze dozens of people in traffic for an entire light cycle, at least look at everyone you just pissed off and offer some motion of regret.

    Rave: Cyclists. Even the a-hole cyclists. At least you aren’t as bad as the drivers.

  • Rave: Early Federal Dismissal!!!

    Rant: Ugh, here come the tourists again to overflow trash cans on the mall and block metro escalators

    • Early Federal Dismissal: sounds like a medical problem to me.

    • For your agency only or what? OPM has nothing about this and we haven’t been told anything special about today in my agency. Fingers crossed!!

  • Rave: was the third person in the door at Meridian Pint for last night’s grand opening.

    Rant: everyone was complaining about the size of the crowd vs. the number of bathrooms

    Rant: threw up this morning. I’m never drinking again.

    Rave: DC Council adopted a Meatless Mondays resolution:

    • Lordy! Almost forgot:

      Rant: Opening day jitters at Meridian Pint meant that my girlfriend’s vegan half smoke came with pork chili on it. Quickly corrected, but major faux pas.

      • when will Meridian Pint be empty/quiet enough to bring down my kid in stroller for a pint?

        • I’d hope within a few weeks. The place is pretty big, so I’m sure during the week it’ll be fine fairly soon.

          Had to laugh for a sec. Picturing your child saying to the doorman “Yeah, that’s me [on the ID]. Don’t I look 21?”

        • Never. Kids stay at home unless there’s a playland.

          • So glad to see Chloe Moo Moo Poundcake back!

          • You realize this is a real city, not your college frat row? If you can’t tolerate living among people of all ages and all sorts, maybe it’s time to move back to Charlottesville or wherever…

      • they have a vegan half smoke????

        • Yeah! Comes topped with 3 bean chili and with onion rings on the side.
          There are several vegan options on the menu.

        • This bull$hit right there makes me not want to go there. Vegan Half smoke? If you are freaking vegitarian JUST EAT VEGETABLES – don’t make crap to pretend you are eating MEAT.

          It’s like a priest using a blow-up-doll

          • if you eat meat, just bite the shit straight off of the cow.

          • a.) It’s perfectly fine to eat a meat analog as there is no actual animal cruelty involved. Food is cultural and provokes powerful memories. Many vegetarians/vegans were not always that way, so it’s nice to have something that reminds us of the good ol’ days, minus the cattle industry.

            2.) Judging by your moniker and your unwillingness to go to Meridian Pint just because they serve vegan food – you will not be missed. I’d be happy to provide you with a list of other places you should boycott. In fact, it’d be safer for you just to move out of DC.

          • Hey Binklesworth – What good old days does it remind you of? How you USED to eat dead flesh?

            Mmmm this vegan product reminds me of the dead carcass I used to shove into my mouth.

            Also FYI – your nonsense did nothing to decrease the size of the cattle industry.

          • you sound like an extremist born again vegetarian. you give the rest us us a bad rap and cause more people and establishments to react negatively to us.

            a vegan half smoke is a great idea. why? because it tastes good. are you equally opposed to tempeh, tofu or seitan? actually. i dont care if you are, those fake meat items rock too.

          • be nice to biklesworth. she’s famous. she has literally ones of followers on her blog.

  • Rave: Last night’s Meridian Pint opening. Props to builder/co-owner Joe Wood and company for a fantastic job, all the custom touches in the place look wonderful! Trout with grilled polenta, calamari and chocolate hazelnut custard were great. Now to get food served downstairs?
    Rant: Working Monday. Boo hiss.

  • Rave: Supreme Court validates the 2nd amendment.

    Rant: We’re still stuck with these idiotic laws, whcih Chicago is now trying to emulate.

  • Rant: Confirmed that office is NOT getting dismissed early. Booo

    Rave: Got all of my work done in anticipation of early dismissal. Guess I’ll play on madmenyourself.com all afternoon.

  • Rave: Made blueberry and crème fraîche ice cream (adapted from a recipe on The Arugula Files blog). Easy, even without an ice cream maker.

    Rave: No rants, life is good.

    captcha = grownup over. Now back to recess?

  • Rave: Long weekend!

    Double rave: Was so inspired by all the adorable kitten/cat posts on PoP that my boyfriend and I finally made our way over to the animal shelter. We haven’t decided on a name for her yet, but she’s awesome and we’re glad to give her a home!

    Not-quite-a-rant, but not rave-worthy either: Cat introduction process between new cat and existing cat may prove to be a lot more drawn out and tedious than we anticipated. Fingers crossed for kitty peace to reign once more!

    • If you want some more cats, come trap the three feral kittens that have been chasing each other across my back yard the past two nights.

  • Rant: misquitos who eat my blood (I must have Type B)

    Rave: actually going to the Mall for the 4th after years of avoidance (hopefully I’ll be surrounded by people whose Type B blood is tastier than mine)

  • Rave: A good productive week.

    Rant: Impending neighborhood fireworks landing on my new solar panels and the wood frames. And it’s not like it will be safe to go on the roof to put out the flames

  • Rant: My girlfriend is heading to the beach today, and tomorrow I’m heading to…Ohio. Boy did I draw the short end of that stick.

  • Rave: To the trash guys who after years of destroying my trash cans (I actually saw them rip the top of my can off and toss it into the truck) and throwing everyone else’s cans up and down the alley, now place it neatly upside down so the rain water won’t get in at back of my house. I thought it was a fluke but it’s happened for a straight month now. I thank you.

    • Hilarious. A few weeks back I watched as the trash guys on my block opened our can, shook trash all over the sidewalk, and then threw the rest into the back of the truck.

  • Rave: Ordered three beers last night at Meridian Pint. Got charged for one. Opening night kinks or I was looking way hotter than usual. Whatever the case, thanks fellas!

  • Rant: frikkin yoyo temperatures
    Rave: dancing with significant other

  • Rave: Its my Birthday! I got an interview for a great job, I will hit the gym 5 days this week! It summer!

    Rant: Ive been watching Lost on Netflix and i’m coming to the end of season 5. I’m gearing up to be disappointed.

  • It’s been exactly one year since Molly the Vizsla dog was stolen and returned three weeks later to the Newby’s after some good detective work by MPD.

    Anybody seen Molly ?

    • I have. Shaw Dog Park several times.

      Over the winter, she cut her paw on a metal siding near the fences. After some listerv e-mails for the Shaw park (yes, such a thing exists), it was decided to have a contractor remove the nearly-lethal metal. Well, nearly-lethal for Molly at least. No other dog ever seemed to have a problem with it.

  • I am sooo tired of how DC allows utility and construction companies to do shoddy road work. Beautifully paved roads get destroyed instantly and covered by horrible plates with sharp spikes sticking out of them, isn’t there someone to review the road-related work that goes on in DC? Where does all my money from shady parking tickets and thieving meters go? Also, the plates in the road by the GA ave/Petworth CVS were spiked and elevated to begin with, they’ve been removed for days now, and there are deep rough drops in their place. DC fix your roads!!!

    Also I have this family that lets their children play in the alley behind my house. People speed through there all the time. When I’m driving home the kids run up to my car like I’m an ice cream truck. I am beginning to tire with people that don’t pay attention to their kids in DC, it grows more annoying every day. I’d hate to hear about one of them getting hurt in the alley by a driver, and fear coming home every night because they might be out there playing in the dark.

    AARGH!!! >:[

  • i’ve had far too many conversations with far too many friends that can’t allow themselves to like dc because they know they can’t afford the life they want here. the conversations about how expensive it is and how they really need to move away just suck. people that have contributed greatly to the cultural landscape of dc, too.
    it just blows.

  • PoP is an awesome guy and I’m certain most people would agree! Thanks again for moderating my blog panel. Needless to say, interesting dialogue ensued. Overall, you did a great job and treated everyone respectfully.

  • RANT: Bikers who share the road (which I’m happy to do) but chose not to obey the traffic laws that cars have to abide by. I can’t tell you how many times in this city I have seen bicyclists speed through stop signs and red traffic lights and almost get hit. If you’re going to share the road, than follow the law!

    RAVE: Its gorgeous out!

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