Protest at the Convention Center

Twitter user SPimentel snapped the photo and writes:

“huge protest @ convention center! Lots of signs about people losing homes. Any ideas what this might be?”

I know that the National Urban League is having a conference this week. You can read about their programs here. From their history section:

In his first year, Morial [new president of NUL] worked to streamline the organization’s headquarters, secured over $10 million dollars in new funding to support affiliate programs, created the first Legislative Policy Conference “NUL on the Hill’, revamped the State of Black America report, created profitability for the annual conference, and secured a $127.5 million equity fund for minority businesses through the new markets tax credit program. He introduced and developed a stronger strategic direction of the organization with a “five point empowerment agenda’ that focuses on closing the equality gaps which exist for African Americans and other emerging ethnic communities in education, economic empowerment, health and quality of life, civic engagement, and civil rights and racial justice.

Anyone know a bit of the back story on the protesters?

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  • I wouldn’t trust Marc Morial as far as I could throw him. He’s a crook in my book.

    • +1

      Lived in New Orleans under the Morial regime. In his defense, he’s a Louisiana politician.

      • I get what you’re saying, but let’s (Louisianians) not claim to own the market on corrupt politicians. the crooks down there are just more up front about it.
        I still miss Edwin Edwards, if only for the comedy.
        But there’s always ‘Dollar’ Bill Jefferson, who keeps $90k in cash in his freezer! Gotta love it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I always thought Marc Morial was kind of cute (for a politician), but that was way back when he was mayor. I haven’t seen him recently.

      • look, if you’re gonna be my pesto pal, then you can’t like ol’ Marc, cute or not! 🙂

        • Emmaleigh504

          Hey, I never said I liked him, I just said I thought he was cute back in the day! I just appreciate good looking people is all.

  • Obama is speaking at the Urban League conference. The protestors are from the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America who is hosting a foreclosure prevention/counseling event in the Convention Center. They are protesting the Administration’s foreclosure prevention plan (Home Affordable Modification Program), arguing that not enough homeowners are being helped.

  • does this mean they’ll help me with my mortgage too?! Oh wait … I’m still attached to the reality that I have to pay my own way. Whoops! Silly me.

    • -10000000

      If nothing else, you should realize the mass foreclosure of homes in America hurts you as well. Do you remember how this recession started?

      If banks suddenly flooded the market with all the near-foreclosures they have on the books now, we’d be in a depression, and you’d be standing in a soupline somewhere.

      • It’s an interesting question that you pose … yes, I do remember how this “recession” began. A portion of it can be blamed upon the government encouraging banks to make ridiculously large loans w/o the propper proof that the individuals could afford to pay them off.

        Yes, there would be a huge dip in the economy if the banks had to foreclose on a mass amount of houses (which is completely unrealistic) and fussy blog commenters all over DC would finally be able to afford a home of their own.

        When this occurs and you don’t find yourself with sufficient funds, evidently according to Jack5, Egyptian Mummies, Fathers, and your significant other can help you buy it.

        I suppose you could put the entire purchase on your credit card if you didn’t have the cash, but then I would have to go into one of the other reasons as to why we have seen such a messy economy.

    • If you think thats bad, just wait until you get laid off! Its a riot! Mummie and Daddy, and possibly your spouse won’t be there to help you. Then you’ll understand.

  • This is great group of industrious, energetic, hard working and productive Americans whose creative and strong work ethic is unparalleled in the world and now with which we are well staged to compete with other less industrious economies in the world, climb out of this great recession, and into an age of great prosperity with all Americans believing they can well provide for themselves and their own.

    Carrying those heavy signs on their backs, the protesters are so strong in their conviction to industry and productivity and the belief that our prosperity comes from the private sector which they want to grow and expand because they know well how it provides for everything including the public sector.

    They reject the public sector protestors in Athens who have raised a whole generation of Greeks with this huge false sense of entitlement now that the bankrupt government of Greece can no longer provide government employees being paid 14 months pay for 12 months work (when not on strike), full salary retirements at age 55 with such fully sustainable benefits including unmarried daughters inheriting their father’s government pensions for life, all on public sector government salaries 2 and 3 times greater than the private sector.

    Yes, they believe in a creative, thriving, industrious, productive, growing and expanding private sector that can lead the charge and well provide for everything including the public sector.


    • is that you, JohnGalt?

      • Who is John Galt ? !!!

        • regular poster here. gets his handle (presumably) from a character in Atlas Shrugged.
          Anyway, I think he would +1 you here, which is why I tongue-in-cheek asked if you were him (he? my grammar sucks..

          • TaylorStreetMan,

            I was trying to be funny by exclaiming,

            “Who is John Galt ? !!!

            the repeated theme, the expression of helplessness and despair at the current state of affairs of the novel’s fictionalized world, and the first line in Ayn Rand’s longest and last book from the late 1950’s.

  • NACA was hosting a refinance seminar at the convention center, they made lofty statements about helping homeowners with instant refinancing and direct communication with lenders. Come to find out that the seminar was only to help NACA generate false statements about their outreach to boost their profile for continued Federal Funding. The system has not worked for a long time now, but now even Federally Funded agencies are acting like snake oil salesmen.

    If you are having problems with your mortgage, look online for contact information to the executive office of your loan holder and call persistently until you get firm answers! Don’t talk to the regular service line. This provides direct feedback to management to get the call centers of their mortgage companies back in order, and it gets you to someone who can actually make something happen. Don’t accept the words of normal customer support agents, they can’t help you in times like this, their hands are tied and they are overwhelmed with calls.

    I feel soooo bad for people who don’t have Internet access/knowledge on where to get mortgage advice, because their houses are getting sold and all they can do is try to get a lawyer for advice. 🙁

  • I have mixed feelings about NACA. I was went through their initial program about 7 years ago when I thought I could NEVER buy in DC. There is a lot of rah rah cheering at the kick off then you get a counselor who walks you through the process. But where it got odd is that basically NACA thinks ANYONE is qualified to be a homeowner. They strong arm regular lenders (I think B of A was on of them back in the day) to make loans and if they don’t they stage crazy protests at their annual meetings etc. As part of the “agreement” with NACA, I was supposed to commit to participating in a number of these protests over several years. The more I got into this the more I realized I wasn’t that interested in picketing and I realized the one thing that NACA didn’t care about…I was not ready finacially to be a homeowner! My credit rating was in the low 500’s and I had about 12,000 in credit card debt AND about 25,000 in student loans and made about $42,000 year. are you kidding me NACA? anyhow, in 6 years I paid off the credit cards and doubled my salary and now I do own a condo through a regular mortgage. Its very easy to blame foreclosures on the big bad banks etc…but so many people get into trouble through non-profits who believe that EVERYONE is qualified to own a home. Just read about a lot of the buildings in DC that get bought my owners and end up bankrupt 3 years later. If you can’t afford the mortgage on a unit that is $45,000 then you aren’t ready. Its just a fact. There is lots of blame to go around but at the end of the day every person is responsible for the documents they sign their name to.

    • I have a friend/colleague that went through NACA two years ago to buy a place, and he did. But all of the post new home-buyer support that NACA said they would provide never materialized and he REALLY needed that help when it came to dealing with contractors and the like.

      I looked into NACA a year ago when I was educating myself and getting ready to buy. Based on what I read and hearing my friend’s horror stories of dealing with NACA, it was a quick, easy and smart decision to not pursue working with them.

      NACA offers nothing that a citizen could not receive (in regards to information and assistance) going through a true non-profit (of which NACA is not) or a local government agency such as DCHFA.

      Boo NACA!

  • I would do away with the gun permits.

    • Basil? Is that really you?
      I hope so, because I’m interested in bringing your “plant grass or vegetation across the state on any vacant lot and sell it for gas so we can use it for our expenses” plan to D.C.

    • YESSS!!!! Wow. I mean,… wow. DId you hear that guy?

  • AMEN! Totally agree with Here we go again. There also needs to be a fundamental shift in what the American Dream is. Not eveyone needs to own a home or should. And the fact that there are non profits out there stating that everyone should own a home reagrdless is not really thinking about the financial health of consumer.

  • It’s not a protest, it’s supporters of Council Chair candidate Vincent Orange (hence the color).

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