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  • There were lines around the block because they had free lunch both today and yesterday. I wasn’t about to wait in line in the heat, but several coworkers had very tasty looking sandwiches.

  • hope they make better food in DC than they do in London.

    • Pret isn’t that bad. Better than Subway or Quiznos, but that’s not saying much. If they were to import a London chain fastfood place, it should be Tiffin. Awesome cheap Indian takeaway.

      • I agree with monkey – Pret could be worse. Their sandwiches do in a pinch in London and their coffee isn’t bad. Though they always seem to put their best sandwiches on hippie bread.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I have stopped at the one near Farragut West from time to time and the food is a notch above serviceable. And their employment philosophy is appealing.

  • Tried to go there yesterday, around 1:30 p.m. I was told the store was closed, but that their “Grand Opening” would be this Friday, 7/9.

  • I always thought the western bound of “Penn Quarter” was 9th Street. Isn’t 11th & F (I always put the number first, by the way) simply “downtown,” or perhaps in “Metro Center”?

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