PoP T-Shirts Continue to Travel the Globe – Alaska

“Dear PoP,

These photos were taken in Juneau, Alaska, in the Tongass National Forest, home to the Mendenhall Glacier! After taking some field samples of sitka spruce trees (Alaska’s state tree), we visited the glacier before heading out on a research vessel for whale watching and water sampling. Total geeked-out adventure 🙂 I also went to Skagway Alaska, Victoria British Columbia and Seattle on this trip. I was incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to go and I hope everyone is able to visit Alaska in their lifetimes!”

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  • So cool PoP! My wife who lives here in Petworth is somehow related to the Mendenhall (ancestor) explorer involved with the name. Perhaps he was someone sent to survey the fjords of Alaska? Old english stock?

    As a student years ago I actually wrote a paper about the Tongass National Forest and until now never realized it had the familial relation. Neat…

  • She’s hot.

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