PoP T-shirts continue to travel the globe

“Dear PoP,

Behold – the PoP t-shirt made it to the top of a mountain overlooking a fjord in Bergen, Norway! Check another country off the list for PoP sightings…”

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  • that place looks beautiful

  • Who’s the PoP hater who’s NOT wearing the t-shirt? geeez

  • I dig the blue and white shirts–what edition printing were those?

  • I’m sure this is a big secret and by asking I’m exposing myself as an outsider… whatever. How do you buy a t-shirt?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Hahaha, no secret. Just email me directly. Shirts are $20. I’ve run out of small sizes but am placing a reorder next week. Unfortunately the type pictured above is no longer available (I still have XL and XXL sizes left). I also have XXL of last year’s coolest pet, editors pick.

      New shirts are going to be royal blue (American Apparel, I think) with the ‘beautiful life’ tree on the back and a smaller frog logo on the front.

      You can also buy a shirt at the next PoP happy hour (early August) and of course you can win one from the weekly caption contest!

      • saf

        You need tank tops. I would buy a tank top. (Presuming you had my size, of course.) (The boy took my PoP shirt.)

  • You guys are so cute!!

  • Those guys are soooo hot!

  • wow, those are the hottest guys ever. can i get that first picture blown up poster-size for my bedroom?

  • That’s Mt. Floien…I lived in Bergen for 7 years. When the weather’s nice (approximately 20 days out of the year), there’s no place more beautiful than Bergen. It’s the rest of the year that brings you down 🙂

  • Nice pose grambo – looks like a sick place.

    Club Club Club Party Party Party

  • I love cute, gay boys!!

  • Just took a quick world of warcraft break (user name: 3olives) and noticed the sweet pic. Looks like you guys had a super time!

    Jeff & Lauren

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