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  • Damn, I got excited that one opened in DC. Very unusual place to shop and I have no idea what to do with most of the stuff they stock, but if a recipe calls for something Asian and exotic, they will have several varieties of it there.

  • H Mart is fantastic! I wish for one closer in to the city. Heck, any good sized Asian market would do (Fla Ave market doesn’t exactly count, but there are some staples that can be had there). These supermarkets have by far the best prices on produce and can be great sources for seafood as well. And who doesn’t love wandering the aisles looking at the offbeat snack foods?

  • Great place when you need anything Korean…

    not so hot for Chinese or Thai foodstuffs

  • I absolutely love H-Mart. So many exciting things to try, so cheap, and always a ton of samples. I was just at the Falls Church one last weekend, but I like the Wheaton location the best.

  • It would be nice if there was one in DC! But Asians seem to overwhelmingly prefer the suburbs, so I’m not sure it’d make good business sense…

    As far as ethnic groceries go I prefer El Grande off Backlick Road in Springfield. Grand Mart near Landmark Mall is pretty good too. I’ve been to a couple of H Marts and didn’t think their selection and prices were as good. Regardless, any of these places are worth a trip out to the suburbs for since you can get great produce there for 1/3 of what it would cost elsewhere, as well as those exotic hard-to-find ingredients. It’s best to go late at night, as they can be a mob scene during the day (though that can sometimes be fun).

  • City Wall is better – Go china! j/k a h-mart in the city would be awesome!

  • Ha. I’m planning on going this weekend for my usual stock-up. Great frozen seafood, dried mushrooms, noodles, all that good stuff.

  • I love H Mart, i usually shop at the one in fairfax, though I’m also a fan of Grand Mart, City Wall and Lotte Plaza. They are all good for different reasons.

  • H-Mart is awesome!!

  • Looks like an old A&P.

  • Great seafood selection, fun cheap sake. Can’t leave out Lotte Plaza up 29 in Fairfax Circle either.

  • Yeah, Lotte is probably my fav. There is a small Thai store assocaited with Bangkok 54 on Columbia Pike in arlington thats pretty good.

  • Super H Marts in SO CAL are awesome, but they also have to compete with Ranch 99 which are equally awesome. DC light years behind on this front, but it’s still nice to know there’s a go-to place for canned squid.

  • I love Great Wall in Fairfax – Chinese – the closest thing around here to Ranch 99 (but not even close!) But I can find enough of my favorite Chinese goodies to keep me happy.

  • H Mart (Fairfax is bigger/Wheaton is closer) has lots of good stuff at pretty good prices, but the ultra-cheap produce has a very short shelf life, so beware.

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