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  • Look at the talons on that thing!

  • I saw something that looked very much like that perched on a doorway at Cardozo on Wednesday. It was hannging out with another bird that appeared to have about 1/10th of its own mass. On its own, big-looking. Next to a normal sized bird: intimidating.

  • Yep, that guy has been hanging out on my rooftop deck a block from Cardozo. He’s got to be a foot and a half tall. Hunt those mice and rats!

  • Sweet! Nice shot, nice bird. Coopers hawks eat rats and other small mammals but also birds like robins and jays….and hopefully starlings, pigeons and house sparrows. Their numbers declined in the 60’s and 70’s because of DDT so it’s great to see them coming back.

  • Nature’s beauty captured well in this shot of a marvel specimen of fauna.

    Pity there’s nothing really in the shot to give proper scale to the real size of this bird of prey.

    The sight of a Cooper’s Hawk in person is daunting and unnerving.

    You are left to feel small below one of these.

    I once witnessed the savagery of two hungry Cooper’s Hawks fighting over an alley rodent and the bloody mess left behind. One had stalked from a tree above and swept down as the rat scurried across the alley. He didn’t have a chance. The talons are much larger in person than pictured here.

    Seldom will you ever feel more overawed than by our feathered friend here.

    The encounter is not one you’ll soon forget.

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