Photos From PoPville – Buildings from Today and Yesterday

PoPville flickr user rockcreek is always posting interesting buildings from around PoPville. I’ve always been intrigued by the Yellow House (above) at 614 T Street, NW.

Below is a bit of a peek into yesterday from 829 14th St, NW. He writes:

“Benny’s Rebel Room, 829 Fourteenth Street, NW in an undated, uncredited shot from the Post. On either side are the Californian Steak House (#831) and The Cocoon (#827).

These businesses closed between 1984 and 1986, as the city revoked their liquor licenses in an effort “clean up” the block. They were torn down in April 1986.”

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  • aw, man! Where did the Cocoon move to?

  • This could be an excellent series of Yesterday and Today neighborhood posts.

  • I think we should zoom in on the driver in the car, find his nasty a$$, and see what he is up to these days. Now that would make a great post.

    • haha. of course there’s the shady ass van parked outside of the cocoon too. Damn the 80s were sketchy

  • Those places had to have been a special sort of nasty, with all sorts of especially vile and sticky stains all over the walls and ceilings for them to have to tear them down instead of renovating.

  • that block is still a dump, reeks of piss and filled with bums

  • THAT was the Rebel Room?

    Next to the Casino Royale that was one of the earliest rock and roll nightclubs in DC.

    Rebel Room = Southern Rockabilly, get it?

  • der, no, neener. I’m too stoopid to “get” your elaborate equation.

  • I love that it’s home of “the” porno stars.

  • Tearing those down really sucked the flavor and autheticity out of the neighborhood. Might as well be a cul de sac in Chantilly now.

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