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  • I love this building too. Very simple design but the balconies make it very classy looking.

  • the picture looks very european

  • great looking building, yes.
    Design Within Reach, hardly. That stuff is just waaay overpriced!

    But I have enjoyed many a gyro from the joint across the street (the name escapes me) while admiring this building.

    • Design Within Reach (of your budget if you happen to have 10s of thousands of dollars sitting around with which to furnish your pad)

    • You are thinking of The Astor Mediterranean, which is indeed a fantastic place to get a gyro, lambshank, or vegetarian goodies.

    • The Astor. Egyptian place across the street, budget friendly joint with great “Greek pizza” too.

    • Astor is the gyro place. Some of the best quick Greek in DC. Try the lamb shank next time. Can’t beat it.

  • The first one would make a good photo caption contest.

  • Kalorama Park Building at 1836, 1838, and 1840 Columbia Road, NW is a retail, office, and residential 12 unit rental apartment building above built in 2004 by the late Anastasio Hiotis.

    His name is inscribed in Greek letters across the top of the front facade of the building.


This six story building above ground has an additional three levels of underground parking below, and a common full length and full width roof top terrace for The Kalorama Park Apartments, 1840 Columbia Road, NW.

    Despite this, some of these rented apartments remain vacant. Most of the windows never have any lights on since built. The widow lives in the building managed by the two sons.

    Forty years ago there was a finely decorated, white table cloth, high end restaurant called the Latin Q where the furniture store is now when the property was a single story commercial building that was demolished and razed by Hiotis to make way for his new Kalorama Park Building. 

    Where the entrance door to the new rental apartments is now, Embassy Barber Shop was at 1840 Columbia Road, NW through the 1960’s and through 1974 until evicted by Paul S. Tauber when he bought the property in 1974 ripped out the fine improvements of the Latin Q and he started Columbia Station Restaurant and Bar with rustic floor boards later to become Mr. Henry’s.

    Columbia Station is presently around the corner at 2325 18th Street, NW.

    • There are vacancies in the apartments upstairs because they’re priced in the “if you have to ask” range. The overwhelming majority of people who are prepared to spend insane money on a rental in DC do not want to deal with the annoyances of living smack dab in the middle of Adams Morgan.

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