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  • Impressed with the value (good size portions) and loved the cucumber soup (almost as much as the onion rings, which were kick-ass). Service was very friendly. They were still working out a few kinks, but overall I give an emphatic two thumbs up. Welcome to the neighborhood, MP — might see you again tonight.

  • OMG… I see myself in that picture. I didn’t even see you taking the photo.

    We waited an hour for our table, but it was definitely worth it. The staff were so friendly, the food was good, and the beer was so fresh and crisp. We’ll definitely be regulars.

  • Meridian Pint is great. Definitely exceeded my very high expectations in terms of beer quality (North Coast Old Rasputin on nitro tap!), niceness of the space, and friendliness of the staff and owner.

  • Great place. Met my expectations. Calamari was tasty. No food downstairs was a bummer though.

    Sadly, they’ll not be open for the game tomorrow morning. And yet, I only noticed two TVs last night so maybe this won’t be much of a sports watching venue.

  • Loved it. It had a really great vibe last night and the staff was incredibly friendly. Shout outs to Joe Wood (co-owner and General Contractor who did the bar buildout.) Awesome job my man.

  • don’t like being the negative nancy, here, but i found it to be slightly underwhelming.

    neighborhood needs another good bar, and this one’s got potential. great to see american craft beer showcased (even if the tap list is a little heavy on the IPAs).

    BUT, the atmosphere and decor are not quite there yet. it had a little too much prefab “character”. a little contrived; a little too close for comfort to an applebeesish/manufactured-americana decor.

    did i just rattle the beehive? if it helps, i’m still rooting for this place to improve.

    • Umm, couldn’t disagree more. I think the decor looks great, and I love the IPAs on the beer list. Meridian Pint is easily my favorite bar in DC.

    • I totally agree. If you have a craving for bland american food, this is your place. Expect cheese cake factory portion sizes.

      The short rib sandwich had no spicy kick. The onion rings needed a sauce. The double pork chop looked like the meat that tipped the car in Fred Flintstone. The pork quesadillas were good but the sauce was out of a can.

      What got great reviews was the salads and the cucumber soup. I will be back for more.

      Lots of IPAs. It would be great to have a couple of belgian beers as counterpoints to american craft. Charge more, I don’t care but delirium tremens would be nice touch.

      I love the decor and thank the designers for an open space. This will be my habitat all winter. My pool game will certainly improve.

      • just for comparisons sake, what places serve what you would consider non-bland american food?

      • The half smoke is just a fat hot dog. That is a faux pas given Ben’s Chilli standards!

      • Well, since DT is not an American-brewed beer, you’ll have to forget about that. Look for Bruery and Ommegang, I’m sure they’ll be on tap regularly and should suit your Belgian-style beer cravings.

        • right. i expect they’ll begin to showcase more belgians. especially since the pint’s whole MO is to make the case that americans know how to brew.

          and don’t get me wrong, i love IPAs. and that style is one where american breweries have made significant contributions to the beer world. but having 6-or-so on the draft list comes at the expense of other styles.

      • I agree that the food was underwhelming. I had that beef rib sandwich and it was flavorless. My companion had the salmon ceasar salad which tasted like indian curry. Not in a good way. I’m not sure it was intentional, but it was very weird.

        On the other hand, though, the space is awesome, the service was friendly and good (amazing, considering it was opening day when I was there), and the chicken wings were pretty good if not stunning. Definitely had worse.

        But overall the menu is odd, it seemed hard to find something I wanted, and I am not a picky eater. But I think with the food they are trying to hard, and entirely missing the mark. Don’t go all weird on traditional dishes. Do something well thought-out or keep it simple, the place they landed doesn’t work that well for me.

        I’ll definitely go back and I think the pros outweigh the cons. It’s a huge asset to the area and even if I won’t necessarily look forward to a fine dining experience, there’s much else to look forward to about it. It’s great to have another option and hopefully the menu will evolve.

  • IHOP? Really? Blah!

  • Where is the IHOP going to be within DCUSA?

    I rode by Meridian Pint last night and it was hopping. I’ll check it out when the crowds get a little less, hoping the traffic it attracts helps anchor some more filling out of the empty storefronts on 11th between Park and Monroe.

  • IHOP?! Isn’t there a Ruby Tuesday there too? It’s as if CH is on a tectonic plate moving towards the suburbs…

  • I hate Meridian Pint. It hurt my head and made me puke.

  • Actually IHOP should be on Georgia Ave closer to us in Parkview. The IHOP clientele is over here, and it would make more $$$ closer, thusly, to it’s base. I just don’t understand why you want over saturate CH ground zero when you have huge swaths of vacant commercial storefronts–not to mention numerous bulletproof carryouts and wig shops–that need filling. Georgia Ave will be the week link that will derail and suck down all development. Not to mention, as CH gets saturated all of the cool AND affordable single family rowhouse deals will be east. We don’t mind humping a couple long blocks to CH (and to Meridian Pint), but after a while that gets tiring and tiresome. We need more over here besides Sankofa (South) and Looking Glass (closer to Petworth).

  • SusanRH

    Love Meridian Pint, food and beers are great (onion rings were particularly good). I will definitely be back often.

    It’s not going to be a sports bar though. It only has 5 TV’s they are in strange locations and they are way to small to watch games (they are only like 32 inch).

  • ProfChris – cuz the Metro is there, and the investment in infrastructure (new building, parking garages) has already been made. If I were IHOP I’d move to CH too. It’s not like “revitalizing urban neighborhoods” is part of their business model. You’d need something more innovative for that. Something more like Busboys and Poets. It’s unrealistic to expect IHOP to go anywhere else.

    Yes – it is becoming very suburban. But as a longtime DC resident who had to go to the burbs forever for basic amenities I welcome a small enclave of major chain stores in our midst. If I want to buy a trash can I want to do it at Target. I can’t afford Home Rule or other boutiques.

    • Redhead–I understand re: building infrastructure, it’s just that, as an IHOP afficiando, I can say with confidence that no one’s going to be taking the Metro in for that. The clientele is right on Georgia, and the after church crowds alone will keep in rolling in green. Some folks don’t feel comfortable eating with the yuppies (as you see by the quizzical looks as folk pass by Meridian Pint and Wonderland). But along Georgia they have a comfort zone, indeed for Latinos as well.
      But again, I see your point.

    • I feel like many people on this board have forgotten the meaning of the word “suburban”. It is not a synonym for “convenient” or “big chain stores.” Target is something that may normally be FOUND in the suburbs, but that doesn’t mean it is in and of itself “suburban”. I have heard several people claim that Columbia Heights is “suburban”. Well, my grandma who lives in the suburbs should feel right at home there then, right? Maybe I’ll see if I can rent her a little one bedroom off of Harvard and see if she likes it at much as her SUBURAN home in Sugarland TX.

      Yes, I get what you are trying to say, but when you try to make an intelligent comment and then throw in the this factoid that, in your opinion, CH is “suburban”, well, it kind negates any other valid observations you may have made.

  • I didn’t have my camera last night when I walked by, but did anyone get a picture of all the bikes attached to the dog park fence? Yikes that was a lot of bikes!

  • Lets all drink up and eventually we’ll have the right to DEMAND massive plasma. Imagine.

  • IHOP blows. Haven’t you guys every heard of REAL Maple syrup? Blech.

  • My take on Meridian Pint, from over six hours spent there last night:

    Beer: Excellent. Of course. Not much more can be said about this, except to prevail upon MP to dump PBR and Miller Lite and put two more kegs of real beer into the rotation. Anyone who’s drinking PBR or Miller Lite at the Pint should really leave to make room for someone with taste.

    Food: Excellent, from what I had. The macaroni and cheese and the fries I tried were very good. Looking forward to dinner there sometime soon.

    Atmosphere (upstairs): Excellent. A great vibe to the place, felt very open and roomy even though it was full. An interesting mix of people, not just the yuppies I’d feared would take over the place.

    Atmosphere (downstairs): Needs a bit of work. It seemed unfinished down there. In my opinion, they need to put something on the walls (like curtains, etc.) to dampen the sound, because it was overly loud. Also, the section with tables didn’t seem to fit the standing-up and mingling feel of the rest of the room… perhaps replace the normal-height tables with high-tops?

  • meridian pint gets two thumbs up. beer was good. service was friendly. onion rings very tasty. and ridiculously vegetarian/vegan friendly – had the soy smoke and it actually was pretty good. looking forward to watching this place grow.

  • Meridian Pint totally delivered. Great atmosphere and beer selection, experienced staff, excellent crowd energy – the double cut brined pork chop was one of the best I’ve ever had.

    Perfect spot for a tasty pint and a game of pool.

  • excellent, but loud (upstairs and downstairs). it was louder downstairs but once the windows and doors close upstairs, it’s difficult to hear and talk. seriously, my voice was sore afterward. otherwise — i’m thrilled to have another option in the ‘hood and thankful that another investor took the \risk\.

  • Thanks for all the support. Things to watch for on the horizon include food service downstairs starting Tuesday and acoustic tiling on the ceiling to dampen the noise. Otherwise, we’ll continue to make minor adjustments in an effort to be the best we can be. As for Miller Lite & PBR, I believe it’s a good way to draw in the folks that are not too familiar with craft beer and make them feel included then entice them into trying one of our many great beers. Slowly but surely we hope to ween them off the basics and show them a better beer.

    Thanks again for all the support,

    John Andrade

  • ” dump PBR and Miller Lite and put two more kegs of real beer into the rotation”

    Don’t be a hater. PBR has been a blue-ribbon winner since 1893. Some people don’t want a crafted-taste overload all the damn time. Snob.

  • Space – Beautiful.
    Beer – Yummy.
    Acoustics – Awful.
    Food – Lousy.
    Basement – Wayne’s World.

  • Really enjoyed Meridian Pint on Friday night. Downstairs was not too crowded – even got one of the tap tables for an hour or two.

  • Meridian Pint Grilled trout was the most exceptionally delicious fish ever – absolutely perfectly cooked – which is rarely achieved. I’m happy.

  • Meridian Pint has real promise. The beer list is extensive. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t anything you can’t get anywhere else in town. I’d like to see them rotate one keg or even bottle selection of a smaller run brew, like some of Smutty Nose’s big beers or some of DFH’s less common offerings (Black&Blue maybe, or Squall).

    The food was a good start— the short ribs were well prepared, and the greens flavorful. The mac and cheese was too Krafty for my taste. I appreciated their offering of lemon meringue pie. All in all this should shape up to being a comfortable neighborhood spot.

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