Olympic Gold Medalist Cullen Jones Teaches Water Safety at Turkey Thicket Recreation Center

Photo from Houston courtesy of MAKE A SPLASH

Cullen Jones is an Olympic gold medalist and the current American record-holder in the 50 freestyle. Super cool. Turkey Thicket Recreation Center is located at 1100 N. Michigan Ave., NE.

From an email:

“Gold Medalist Cullen Jones will be in Washington, DC., as part USA Swimming’s “Make A Splash” initiative.

Cullen has been working hard to prevent drowning deaths this summer, and Washington is one of six U.S. cities where he will address this issue and help teach kids to swim.

In addition, Cullen and USA Swimming have been lobbying Congress to raise federal funding to provide free and low costs swim classes for families.

On Tuesday, he’ll be in Washington as part of the “Make A Splash” national water safety campaign. He will be speaking to community leaders at a breakfast to raise awareness about the importance of learning to swim as well as in an effort to raise funds for local learn to swim programs.

He will also be visiting the Turkey Thicket Recreation Center to speak to children about water safety and give several kids a swim lesson.

Cullen almost drowned at age 5, but now he’s an Olympic Gold Medalist, preparing to qualify for the World Championship and for the 2012 Olympics.”

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  • Federal funding? Why not just have the lifeguards on site teach swimming for pocket cash? That’s what lifeguards do.

  • The learn to swim programs in DC are overbooked – there are not enough classes at DC rec centers to meet demand. You end up paying $30 per session for private lessons at a gym somewhere. So kids drown. It should be a requirement of 5th grade graduation that you have to pass first aid, CPR and water rescue or at least a swimming test.

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