MPD Reports Shooting at 1300 block of 7th St, NW

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Just received the following alert from MPD at 2:17pm:

“3D is working a shooting in the 1300 block of 7th St NW. Anyone with information pls call the MPD on 202-727-9099 or text 50411.”

Yikes, near the convention center. More details as they become available.

News channel 8 reports:

“Police are searching for eight suspects after two people were wounded in a shooting at 7th and O streets NW Tuesday afternoon.

Both victims were transported to a local hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries, police said.”

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  • Another success for DC gun control.

    • The argument that if someone gets shot, it means gun control is obviously failing gets repeated on this board quite a bit. It is an incredible oversimplification. Until you can point to statistics that demonstrate that violent, or, more specifically, gun related crime would be lower with less control, you have no basis to state such a claim. It’s quite like looking at a person who gets food poisoning in a restaurant, and then saying, “gee whiz another success for the health department, that one person got sick, so that means all efforts at making restaurant’s safer are a failure. Let’s do away with all laws attempting to make purchased food safer.”

      While the D.C. court system is not very good at punishing people, guns are one thing that D.C. judges will occasionally hold people for. In my neighborhood the local drug dealers kept getting released every time they were arrested, until they were caught with a gun. They were then held for a few months and the neighborhood was better off for it.

      An imperfect system it is to be sure, but the Rush Limbaugh esque logic, that if people get shot, gun control is an obvious failure, is tired, and has not been backed up with any credible studies.

  • So glad I moved from N Street.

  • Those damn gentrifiers fighting over window seats at Fuddruckers. When will the cycle of violence end?

  • Gun control is a joke in this town. Children are involved with guns and ammo nearly every other day around here, and as we all know too well, the DYRS mess continues nearly unabated. Until we resolve inequities, get rid of concentrated areas of poverty, and give a sense to these kids that they may actually live past 20 years old, this mess seems like it will continue for as long as we are all here. (not to assume this involved children, but certainly a possibility). Glorified thuggery alive and well in DC!

  • Sad to say … but that’s just another daily/typical occurrence for our neighborhood

  • Anyone that shoots someone in what was likely over nothing can’t be controlled by laws.

  • I wonder if this has anything to do with a robbery with gun the night before around 6th st.

    What will it take to get the 3rd district police officers out of their cars and walking/bicycling/segwaying around our neighborhoods looking for some of these criminals before they decide to start shooting.

    Here is a tip – look in the alleys. Another tip – sitting in your air conditioned car parked on a curb not moving makes it real easy for the criminals to go where you aren’t and do bad things.

  • not surprised. isn’t that section 8 housing right there? just sayin’, that stretch scares me.

  • Literally left the Giant there like 30 minutes earlier. Going to go ahead and make the extra 10 minutes round trip to Safeway City Vista.

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