Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights/Mt. Pleasant

This rental is located at 2480 16TH ST NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Nestled right on 16th street, The Dorchester House is steps from Columbia Heights metro and Adams Morgan nightlife. You will also be just steps from fine restaurants, shopping and every day conveniences. Treat yourself to our beautiful hardwood floors, gas cooking, spacious homes and much more.

Special Features included:
Rooftop Terrace
Laundry Care Facility
24 hour Front Desk
Fitness Center on Site
Parking Available
Central AC/Heat”

I like the proximity to Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park. What do you guys think – does $1325 sound reasonable for this efficiency?

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  • “Steps from Columbia Heights Metro”???!! Who do they think they’re kidding?!

    • Actually, about the only thing that the Dorchester House is “steps from” in the Harris Teeter.

    • Yeah, I used to live across the street from this building and it was a hike to Columbia Heights (not a terrible hike, but not something I’d want to do every day). I’d say this is priced about $75-125 too high.

  • I live in this building now and overall it’s a decent place. The management company is responsive, and the building occupants are varied. I definitely wouldn’t pay this price for an efficiency here (get a 2br and a roommate instead!) also, the AC/heat is currently included, but the mgnt company is trying to get tenants to pay for electricity. Just an FYI if you’re budgeting!

  • $500 move-in fee?

  • I like this building’s rooftop, but this is overpriced.

  • Isn’t that area considered Adams Morgan, and not Columbia Heights or Mount Pleasant?

    • Yeah, that definitely wouldn’t be Columbia Heights. Pretty sure that is much more Adams Morgan than Mount Pleasant.

      • I live around the corner and it’s definitely Adams Morgan. No clue why you’d call that Columbia Heights, even less Mount Pleasant.

        That said, I think $1300+ is way too much for an efficiency anywhere.

  • Funny, it used to be that Real Estate related ads used to advertise a clearly CH house as if it was located in Logan, U street, or Adams Morgan, even Mount pleasant, now they can’t wait to say CH.

  • I’d like to challenge the legality of a $500 moving fee.
    Turns me right off.

  • This is $150 more than a one bedroom costs at the Woody (3636 16th St).

  • This is obviously a retail priced choice. If the building — which is rent controlled — can charge that much, it’s only because other people are already paying that much.

    Adams Morgan is safe walking distance, and proximity to Harris Teeter is huge. Someone who cooks a lot will cough up the dough to live here.

    I’d negotiate the $500 move in fee. Come with documentation of income, a recent credit report, and ask them to wave the fee provided you sign today. If they balk, just politely bid them good day and walk. You can always call back later.

  • I lived in an efficiency in the Dorchester House from 1980 to 1996 when I purchased a house. When I moved in I was a young 20th-something student working my way through college. My rent was an unbelievable $219.00 a month – yes, that’s right. Your eyes are not deceiving you. I had the biggest apartment of all my friends and the best location in DC. The roof-top deck was nice but no big woop – now I’m sure its probably fantastic. When I moved out in 1996, my rent was $452.00 along with a seasonal A/C charge for an air conditioner that I purchased myself. Parking at the time was $50.00 a month.

    The building had a cockroach problem back then. If you went to the laundry room you were bound to see at least one, dead or alive. And I had one in my apartment in all the years I lived there. The management sucked, and still does, so I’m told by friends who still live there. But you couldn’t beat the convenience of the building’s location and the price was poor-student friendly. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to start off my life as a young adult living in the city I grew up in. By the way, it’s in Adams-Morgan. Any location on that side of 16th Street is considered Adams-Morgan. Obvioulsly, they are stretching the location in order to get a better price.

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