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  • Seems like they are doing pretty much everything. From the fbo.gov contracting site:

    Rehabilitation of McPherson Square: This includes but is not limited to replacing all the sidewalks in the interior of the park, replacing concrete curbing, re-setting historic granite curbs, removing lead paint from decorative fence, re-painting decorative fence, removing one Chinese Elm tree, re-grading portions of the site, replacing the benches and trash receptacles with new, installing post and chain at all corners and along sidewalks with the greatest impacts from foot traffic, replacing the streetlight system along the interior sidewalks, replacing the sod, replacing drinking fountains with handicapped accessible models, and relocating the electric supply access from the street to the interior of the park. The project magnitude is estimated to be between $500,000 and $1,000,000.

  • New homeless?

  • more urine?

  • I’m not particularly impressed with the use of recovery dollars in DC. I could be wrong, but I think I saw signs over by Rayburn House Office Building about the road work being paid for with recovery dollars, again I could be wrong. But really, with the shape of roads in the district… I mean where people actually live in the district, they spend recovery dollars fixing up McPherson Square?

    • This is EXACTLY why we need local representation in Congress.

    • Have you ever been to McPherson Square?

      Life in the city is unique in that the open spaces are limited. This park has been overdue for an updated since the 80’s.

    • You mean the repaving of Independence Avenue that people who live in DC use every day? That’s a major route downtown for people who live on the Hill and East of the River (still in DC).

  • They need to put homeless-proof benches, as recommended by the city government and ANC. But the NPS flat-out REFUSED. What do they care? Our city’s parks are their red-headed stepchildren.

    We need a plan to take back the parks from federal control, and carve out a portion of future operating expenses in the city budget for it. It will cost money, but if run properly, it will be much better for the city in the long run.

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