Lost Dog in Columbia Heights

Very sad note from a reader:

“I have had her for 8 years and she is my whole world.”

Missing or Stolen Chichuahua!
If found please call 301 221-1866 Immediately
$$$$ Cash Reward $$$

Update: Dog returned safe and sound!

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  • bfinpetworth

    Not sure when the dog was lost, but I saw a person cuddling a dog that looked very much like this one in front of the Target entrance on Saturday around noon. The dog looked very loved and happy, so it probably wasn’t this dog, or it was before it was lost. Very very sad for the dog’s people – I just can’t imagine how it would feel!

  • So glad she was returned!

  • That girl was really distraught out in the streets looking for him/her. glad there was a happy ending.

  • A bit on how she got away/lost would be really helpful to all the dog owners who don’t always realize all the ways this can happen. Thanks!

  • Good news.

    We’d love to hear from you.

  • i saw a flyer about this and was so sad for the parents of this adorable dog. glad the ending was happy – so many arent 🙁

  • I’m SOOO glad she is home and I’ve been watch for her but please take the flyers down. Thanks!

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