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Patty Boom Boom is the Jamaican spot from the folks behind nearby Marvin and the Gibson located at 1359 U Street NW. I have two questions about this spot – how are the Jamaican pattys (any must order items)? And how is the music scene upstairs?

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  • The Patties are really on the same level as Julia’s Empanadas. That’s really the most accurate review I can give and I think it is more helpful than “good” or “bad.”

  • the veggie patties are to die for, and Constance at the bar is just fab!!! so nice. Oh and great spot to watch the Copa Mundial!!!!!!

  • FWIW, the patties are no different than Julia’s Empanadas.

  • This place is chill, low key, yet certainly not a greasy spoon. Patties are not the run of the mill Jamaican patties from a carryout (which are likely machine produced anyway), nor are they even close to empanadas. Friend said these are closer (re: pastry part)to Guyana patties (Guyana’s still considered a Caribbean nation though in S. America). Shoved full up of cool things like a giant turnover. Full meal. Chicken, goat, beef, veggie. They have homemade HOT sauce. Sorel drink is flavored with ginger and mint syrup.

    Havent been there any nightlife but I hear it’s good. Might be worth a try given this tropical weather…

  • Pretty good patties and they’ve got Ting. They were written up in the Post today too. Haven’t checked out upstairs but whenever I’ve gone the music always sounds good.

  • Haven’t tried the food, but its a little too crowded for my taste. All the good spots are :/. The security guys aren’t too friendly either. I don’t have any complaints, but i’ve seen them get snappy with people who ask questions.

  • Not as good as julia’s. They’re fried and greasy, but the spicy dipping sauces are tasty.

    • so not fried! are we even talking about the same place? they are made by chef at marvin’s. super good

    • Whaaat?! The Patties are NOT fried or greasy! They are also nothing like empanadas. A review should probably be true in order to be helpful. They are gourmet Jamaican style patties. They are baked with a slight egg wash brushed over the crust. They also serve these amazing homemade hot sauces. Guava Goat Patty with Mango Hot Sauce FTW

  • Food is good, music upstairs is awful. Apparently some store had a sale on subwoofers and patty went to town. Feel bad for the bartenders, there is not enough advil in the world.

    • You clearly haven’t been there enough to make this judgement. The live band on Tuesday nights is great. The DJ on most nights Ive been there kills it. And yes, Reggae music is often about loud bass. If thats not your flavor, fine. But “awful” is just ill informed. avoid fridays and saturdays unless you want the crowded, sweaty, dancefloor experience.

  • So, these are the same people who were opening Brixton at 9th and U, looks like that has fallen through…anyone know anything about that???

  • Had the goat and beef. Both were excellent. All around good dance hall vibe.

  • For seriously amazing Jamaican food, hit up Jam Doung style on North Capitol btwn Randolph and S St NW.

  • Guava goat!

  • I agree with Dupont. I loathe the upstairs. I went once and felt like I was in the attic of a frat party.

  • The patties are great, and I love the upstairs. It’s definitely not the place to have a conversation, but if you want to listen and dance to reggae and dubstep, it’s the place to be — it’s definitely a unique DC bar experience.

  • I like this place a lot, especially since I live nearby. Treat it like a cool stopoff in between other places rather than a destination. Dance upstairs for a 1/2 hour with one of their rum drinks from the upstairs bar. Then go downstairs for a paddy and a Red Stripe and sit in the sidewalk windows to people watch. Done!

  • It’s a sweatbox upstairs, but good reggae music and dancing.

  • Its a cool place, but the patties I had were kind of weak. They were just really really dry (if that makes any sense). I will say they had a enormous amount of variety in the patties that they serve, I think I had a jerk chicken one, but it could have been something else. I really did not like it that much.

    Upstairs was cool, good reggae, and not super crowded (I went on a friday night). The Dark and Stormy that I got from the bar was one of the best I have ever had

  • Great music and good vibes. All around Irie spot to pop in and have a drink. If you never been to Jamaica, then you have no idea what an authentic rum bar should look like….

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