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Kellari is located at 1700 K St, NW. After Italian, Greek is one of my favorite types of food so I’m eager if anyone has checked out this spot yet? Any must order items? You can see their menus here.

Where are your other favorite Greek spots in town?

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  • anonymouse_dianne

    I went to an art show here when they first opened. The food is very good, and the brunch looked fantastic.

  • Some of the freshest seafood you’ll ever have BUT at expense account prices. Sit at the bar and you should be able to get a few freebies (cheese, olives, etc).

  • Screw your high-falutin’ Greek inspired fare. Long live Greek Deli!

  • The menu looks delicious. I will have to check it out when I get paid.

  • Best Greek food in the city IMO is Mourayo on Connecticut Ave. Amazing amazing amazing.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I forgot to mention that Kellari has also applied for a sidewalk cafe permit.

  • The place was wonderful and has great food. We were the fortunate guests of someone, so we dined to excess; but when I go again, I will only order (1) Traditional Greek Salad (chocked full of the freshest tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, feta and spices), (2) the Rapini (broccoli rabe, garlic and feta), (3) Bread and olive oil, and (4) WINE. Everything is so fresh. The fish is exquisitely fresh and piled on ice and you pick out whatever you want. Go!!

  • I second Mourayo – the food is quite good.

  • A good special occasion restaurant. When we went there, we had one of the fish displayed on ice at the back of the restaurant (one gets to go back and pick an individual fish) grilled. It was the best fish preparation we’ve ever had excepting the one at Komi. Our appetizers and desserts were also quite good, if less memorable. All this comes at a price — with three course and cocktails, we were slightly over $100/person with tax and tip.

  • Had a wonderful dinner there in late June. Food was really delicious. Simply prepared dishes just like in Greece. There are plenty of choices for dining options. Service was top notch. Owners and managers stopped by to welcome us and made us feel very much at home. There is a blackboard at the entrance that reads “Enter a stranger…leave a friend.” That’s how we felt. Will definitely return.

  • Had a wonderful experience there right after they opened. The owner/manager came to our table and thanked us for coming (he came specifically to us, he wasn’t “making the rounds”, as some managers do). And our waiter was a was a career waiter, probably in his 60’s, and incredibly professional. The food was amazing too.

  • Just had lunch there, the salmon was extremely salty. Not good at all. Rest of the stuff was fine, tho’

  • Not quite worth the price if you’re the one who’s paying. If you are, I would go to Mourayo instead.

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