Judging Restaurants – Henry’s

We’ve admired Henry’s signs before but have never properly judged the food. You may recall there are now two locations (pictured here) 1704 U St, NW and the newer one is at 317 K St, NW. Their Web site says:

“The Henry’s Soul Café, Home of the Sweet Potato Pie known for fine southern cooking has a family tradition that was originally established in the summer of 1968 at the Washington DC based Henry’s Deli Carryout.

In 1997, almost thirty years later the family legacy was brought to a new and exciting plateau when the younger generation- Jermaine Smith and his business partner Bernard Brooks Jr. opened the doors of the popular Henry’s Soul Café, in Oxon Hill, Maryland. In March 2004, a new location opened in Mitchellville, Maryland. Several new locations are slated to open in the Washington Metro area over the next few years.

The wide variety of menu items that are available on a daily basis “ cooked to order”, is what differentiates Henry’s Soul Café from other soul food restaurants across the nation.”

You can see their menu here. Any must order items besides the sweet potato pie?

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  • Pork chop sandwich. Great hangover food.

  • The food might be good but I gag every time I walk by. I hate the smell 🙁

  • Second the pork chops, smothered. Fried chicken is also awesome when it’s done fresh.

  • Agreed abotu the smell – they desperately need to change the oil they fry with more often – I’ve heard it’s good – but am afraid if I wlaked in there the rest of my life would smell like fried food.

  • When we lived at 17th and U we used to stop there when we wanted some cheap eats to carry home. you get a lot of food for $5-$8.

    Of course it was a once-in-a-while thing because you could feel your arteries hardening every minute you’re eating.

  • Ps I got their meatloaf or baked chicken and string beans. They do it the old-fashioned southern way — with bacon.

    PS looks as though prices have gone up.

  • I lived at 17th & U for years and Henry’s was the BEST hangover cure ever! Agreed about the smell though, I would run in, toss my money on the counter and be out in less than 60 seconds and would still smell like I fried the chicken myself. Try the mac & cheese, sweet potato pie or banana pudding and discover why it’s called soul food.

    Maaaybe I should rethink my dinner plans…

  • The one on K seems to be an instant hit with old school locals and cabbies.

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