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  • looks kinda like a place to get chinese food, wings, and subs. yuk.

  • I’ve lived on the Hill for 10 years and have never once eaten here. It’s a dive that exclusively serves slop to the Marines across the street.

  • It’s been around forever because it’s across from the Marine Barracks and it’s cheap. And they’re probably only going to get more business because all the cheap Chinese carryouts on 8th have closed. Subs aren’t good at all.

  • Meh… I got a turkey sub there once. Cheap processed turkey, but there was a lot of meat/veggies and it was cheap.

  • It has really early hours, and is mainly a place to serve lunch to Marines. About as good as takeout from 7-eleven.

  • But you have to love the unchanged vintage look.

  • I have eaten there many many a time. I feel like some of post here have not really partaken in the restaurant. It might say capitol city subs but she makes most of her money off of breakfast. She will make you anything you want and have you in and out quickly without sacrificing quality. Sure the Marines eat here and they love it. I go out of my way to have breakfast there too. There is no chinese food there. Cheap good food is hard to find in this city and if she doubled the prices then she would still be cheaper then almost everyone else on the block. She is a very hard working person making an honest living selling great food. Really a hidden gem.

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