Judging Restaurants – Cafe La Ruche

Cafe La Ruche is located at 1039 31st Street, NW in Georgetown. Place looks super cool from the outside, I’m wondering if it’s just as good inside? They’re doing a bit of work on their Web site but you can still see some of their menus here.

Any fans?

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  • Used to eat here every once in a while when I worked in Georgetown. The food is slightly above average French food, but the patio is very pleasant.

  • It’s ok. I can see a sliver of their patio – which is very lovely – from my office and people here always want to go there for lunch (maybe because it’s so close?). The food is heavy on cheese, cream, and ham; not necessarily a bad thing, but there is never anything on the menu that I particularly want to eat.

  • With the name “Cafe la Ruche” and a Georgetown address, the nickname is inevitable…

  • food blase, atmosphere tres bon.

  • Price is right, I need to try it out.

  • I remember having brunch here a few times over a year ago, food was good but not great. Patio is nice as well.

  • Worth saving room for dessert every time.

  • saf

    I like brunch there a lot, especially outside. I also like their simpler lunch and dinner foods. Go for the cafe basics, and it’s a good meal.

  • Desserts to die for. A decent place for a bit of quiche for brunch. Besides their desserts, it’s not specatacular, but with a nice bottle of wine, a few good friends and a warm evening on the patio, it’s hard to beat.

  • Food is only average but the patio and ambiance is nice!

  • It does not really look like the place but it reminds me of a cool place in New Orleans


  • An all time favorite date spot in DC. Nice place, secluded from M St. but next to the canal, a good desert list, and a fair price considering.

  • one of the worst meals ive ever had in dc

  • I work nearby and used to go pretty often for dinner. The food used to be pretty good, not excellent -but you were there for the location and atmosphere.
    However – in the past few years it’s gotten continually worse and now is on par with school cafeteria food. Not sure if it has new owners or management but it’s pretty terrible. Also- they used to have cloth napkins, nice dishes, etc. -now it’s cracked plastic cups for water (similar to the old ones ast pizza hot) and paper napkins ala costco. Not fitting with the atmosphere.

  • Funny thing – I ate there last night and now just happened on this post. It’s been there forever. I think I ate there 20 years ago too. Nothing memorable but the patio is very nice. Take a pass on the house white wine. It tastes like apple juice that’s been sitting out in the sun.

  • Great place!

  • Very good place for casual french. Desserts are amazing.

  • Reliably solid (to occasionally above-average) bistro food at a decent price, relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

  • Went here for my first date with my partner a little over 3 years ago. The experience was fine, but someone (the owner?) was outside playing the guitar and singing “Karma Chameleon” over and over again in a drunken voice. It was an… interesting evening.

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