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    • My guess is you wouldn’t say that if the place were an auto-body shop or a funeral home. But, hey, if it’s a retailer that sells trendy bikes, then the addition is “totally c-o-o-l.”

      Just thinking that a spade should be called a spade, and when something’s butt ugly, well, it’s butt ugly.

  • I’ve seen that alot in rural america. Looks like an older style corregated metal building that people use as garages, workshops, or as small warehouses. They are cheap and quick to put up. They arent meant to be stylish.

  • It’s a Quonset Hut.

    • US Army uses them for everything from garages to barracks. Larger versions are used as hangers and mess halls, etc.

  • it’s also been there for 20+ years

  • Oooh, ugly falling down brick plus Quonset Hut says = we care about bicycles.

  • That use to be a garage that worked on buses. That “addition” has been there forever.

  • Just don’t let your dog pee on the grass outside of the fenced in parking lot pictured above, unless you want to be harassed by the idiot parking attendants about picking your dogs piss up.

  • dc gal: sorry. not all bicycle shops have the funds to open up shop at the ritz carlton or next to you *fave* starbucks. these guys are giving it a go in a place they can actually afford. is everyone in your family that dense, or were you the only one that failed economics?

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