Jeff Black Could Open New Seafood Restaurant at 1612 14th St, NW

Wow, it’s been fun speculating about what’s going in this space that used to be 100% Mexico years ago. Diamond District got us excited but turned out to be a tease. But now Metrocurean tweeted this weekend:

“Jeff Black (BlackSalt, Black’s, etc) is looking into 1612 14th St. for a new seafood restaurant, the Dupont Current reports. (Yay!)”

I don’t get the Dupont Current but I was just planning on visiting BlackSalt so I take that as a very good omen! Stay tuned as details emerge.

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  • wonder what the name will be?

  • My one visit to Black Salt left me swooning. That place rocks.

  • Sounds good. There is no seafood place anywhere in the Logan / U Street / Columbia Heights area, unless I am forgetting something, although this isn’t that far from Hank’s … I’d love if he considered one of the Highland Park vacancies, there have been soooo many new restaurants of late within a few blocks of this place. I wonder if anything is happening with those Highland spots that were originally supposed to be two restaurants …

  • gotta toot my own horn here. amanda followed that tweet with this:

    “Hat tip, @IMGoph, for spotting the Current mention.”

    • you’re tooting your own horn because you saw an article, and someone noticed you saw an article, and then pop noticed that someone noted that they noticed your noticing?

      god job.
      keep up that reading of things that other people write!

      • ego: yep!

        that’s how things work here on the internet. dan and i both serve as a conduit of information so that you can complain about our reading things and finding the interesting nuggets for you.

  • I hope the seafood comes from the Pacific Ocean!

  • Black Salt is amazing, one of the best restaurants I’ve been to

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