I Normally Prefer Sidewalks but…

This sidewalk in the Palisades stopped me dead in my tracks. The photo really doesn’t do it justice. My first time in the Palisades. Def. scouted some future houses of the day. And yes, as a walker, I still prefer sidewalks. Though you can kinda see some flowers behind the leaves here:

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  • I ran by that just the other day and thought the same thing. Lots of POP houses of the day – but posters will likely complain that is affluent, out of the way and very suburban.

  • palisades is a gorgeous neighborhood but not too pedestrian-friendly, alas!

  • The D2 and D6 buses take you straight to the Palisades, which is very lovely. Worth checking out the Kreeger Museum on Foxhall.

  • Was this on 49th St next to Battery Kemble Park? Some neighbors in that area have been fighting vigorously against sidewalks – scared it will increase the number of strangers walking past their homes. Some seriously ridiculous and petty [but very wealthy] people over there.

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